August 15, 2019

Zonguldak City of Mines


Enriched with magnificent natural beauty, Turkey is also a place of historical significance and lively lifestyle. You can have an awe-inspiring and sensational experience of enjoying the stunning natural beauty in Turkey. One of the most beautiful city of Turkey is Zonguldak that is located in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Historical Places

The Zonguldak is an ancient city and is famous for its historical significance. The city represents the culture, traditions and architecture of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empire. The most famous historical places are located in the district Eregli and Filyos while other historical places include Sur Ruins, Kozlu Church and Krispos Memorial Tomb.

Minerals and Mines of Zonguldak

Zongludak lies near the Black Sea region of Turkey. Zonguldak is a port city that and has an important transit routes between Turkey and other countries on the Black Sea. At the same time, the city is rich in mineral resources and mine is the most important livelihoods of Zonguldak. Moreover, the lignite coal is extracted and processed through mines that are further transported to thermal power plants. Basically, the ignite coal consists a very high calorie value and thus it is used to generate electricity in thermal power plants.


Filyos is one of the most famous district of city Zonguldak. The town has historical significance as well as natural beauty. Moreover, there is a sandy and stunning beach known as Filyos beach. The beach is famous for its fresh and clean water and awe-inspiring natural view. On the other hand, the ancient castle titled as Filyos castle is also a famous tourist spot of the city. The Filyos castle represents the ancient civilization and ancient architecture. Filyos is famous for tourism and has always been an archaeological excavation of Turkey.


Ereğli, an ancient district of Zonguldak city that established during the 6th century B.C. The district is named after a famous mythic hero Hercules and has been important commercial wharf (emperion). Moreover, Eregli is a city that represents ancient civilizations and is important for its history. Similarly, the architecture of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empire periods appear in castles, churches and ancient buildings of the district. The most significant historical ruins of Eregli are Ereğli Castle, Heracles Palace, Çeştepe Lighthouse tower, Byzantine water cisterns, Krispos mausoleum and Halil Paşa Mansion. These famous places represents the time periods of the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Furthermore, the Byzantine water cisterns, Byzantine church and Byzantine Cistern are the ruins of Byzantine era.

Tourists Spots in Zonguldak

Zonguldak has ancient ruins in the forms of buildings, churches and castles. Beside the historical significance, the city attracts the tourists for its magnificent places. These places includes Ali Ağa Bath, new Mosque, Hagia Sophia Church (Middle Mosque), Krispos Memorial Tomb and Boz Hane Bath. Many inspiring mosques attract tourists as they represent excellent Muslim architecture.

Famous Dishes

Zonguldak has delicious local dishes and drinks. The most famous dishes are Malay, Tirit, Garbage, Pumpum Soup, Pumpkin Sweet Pie, and Pickled Cabbage. Moreover, the dishes such as Leaf Wrap, Stuffed Walnut, Mince Icing, Timp Soup and White Baklava are famous among tourists. Similarly, the delicious and tasty Beddam Beetroot Dinner, Fly Soup, Shell Bean and Rice Burrito are popular local dishes.

Beside the mineral recourses, there is some fertile land that produces excellent quality agricultural products. The most common agricultural products are Potato, Barley, Corn, Wheat, Kiwi, Walnut and Hazelnut.