February 3, 2020

Yenierenkoy in Kirpasa of Peninsula


Yenierenkoy is a small town located in Cyprus, this is present in the region of Kirpasa of Peninsula. This is situated in the district of Famagusta according to de jury. Famagusta is again a district that makes much of the Kirpasa of Peninsula. The Kirpasa of Peninsula is a large coastal area which is located near the famous city of Famagusta in Cyprus. This is a long finger liked peninsula of Cyprus and is famously known due to the location of the region. Kirpasa of Peninsula is also known in Turkish by the name of Karpaz. Kirpasa of Peninsula is also under the De facto control of northern Cyprus.

This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exist in real life. But these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts. Which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

Geographical Status of Yenierenkoy:

This region covers most of the area of northern Cyprus which is about 898 km square. This region makes almost up to 27% of the total area of northern Cyprus. Peninsula is basically the region whose borders are majorly covered by water with the least interaction with land. But this cannot be categorized as an island. Due to the reason that one of the sides of such reason is connected to the mainland. Just like in the case of Kirpasa of Peninsula. In the year 1960, the total population of the region was about 2,538. People which consisted majorly of the Turkish Cypriots while the rest of the individuals being the Greek Cypriots living in the region. Nevertheless, the stats changed majorly in the upcoming years in the sense that in the year 1973, the total population of the area was about 2,460. Which were all Greek Cypriots.

Greek-Cypriot History of Yenierenkoy:

However, in the year 1974, these Greek Cypriots were attacked by the Turkish forces and were taken over by them. At this point, these Greek individuals could not move to the south of the land. Due to the region which was already being controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. These individuals were then forced to live under the control of these Turkish forces and eventually moving out of the region. Because of the restriction of the living implied on the study, food or even moving about in the region by the Turkish forces. These Greek Cypriots then moved out in the southern portion to be taken captive just like their relatives there. But, these Greek Cypriots moved back majorly in the year 1976 from the south to their respective houses after the betterment of the situation in the area.

Life in Yenierenkoy:

This region is famous for the size as it is the second-largest village of Kirpasa of Peninsula while containing the largest tobacco company of the area, generating tobacco to be transported to a number of the region along with refined products such as the cigarettes. The village is majorly inhabited by the individuals from the Kokkina after the year 1976. This region offers the last petrol pump to the tourist which are moving further into the peninsula. Hence the individuals are advised in order to get their tanks filled and get some reserved in case their tanks get empty. The region also contains a church having some most beautiful mosaic of the past. This church is, however, in a dispute as the license granted to the building by an unrecognized state is invalid, hence the proper services of the church cannot be performed here.

Thus besides the appeals done by the local individuals, most of the mosaic present in the building was moved back to the south. On the Northeast of the main coast, one can see the two restaurants named “Yeni” and “Malibu”. Both these restaurants provide the most economical food along with the services of boats and jetties to the individuals visiting there. These restaurants are, however, not advised to be visited as they are ordinary with nothing special found here. However, during the Southern winds. When these restaurants provide the best of the shelter to the individuals in the area.


This region also contained a three-aisled basilica which is by the size more than enough for the individuals living here. This building by the structure and decoration was done by the mosaic can be linked to the same craftsman, the individual who decorated the annexe of Eustolios at Kourion. This is said due to the structural similarities in both of these building along with the number of similarities in the mosaic, as the mosaic found in both of these buildings are much geometrical in shape containing circular shapes.

However, the mosaic in the northern isle is pretty much different from the mosaic in the rest of the building, this having two pairs of sandals in it and a number of fruits can be visibly seen in the mosaic of the northern isle. This is not the only religious building found here, but one can also find a number of other churches here.

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