July 27, 2019

Yalova Abode of Beautiful Waterfalls and Lakes

Yalova Turkey

If you are tired of your daily hectic routine, than traveling is highly recommended. Travelling to Turkey will not only help you to relax but it will give you the energy and will set your spirits high. In the Marmara region of Turkey, lies a beautiful city of Yalova. The city has historical significance and is popular among tourists. During summer seasons, the beautiful city of Yalova hosts many tourists.

Stunning lakes, waterfalls and beaches

Yalova is a city famous for its stunning natural beauty. There are few lakes that are fresh and provide relaxation. Moreover, the most famous lakes of Yalova are Altinova Herzegovina Lake and Dipsiz Lake. Altinova Herzegovina is located on the district of Altinova in Yalova province. On the other hand, Dipsiz Lake is welcomes nature lovers and photographers from all countries of the world. Furthermore, as there are rivers nearby the appearance of lake becomes blue color which mesmerizes its visitors. On the other hand, it is also a good place for camping.

City Forest Double Waterfall and Tesvikiye Twin Waterfalls are one of the best places to see in Yalova. These waterfalls are so beautiful, indeed they have a worth seeing views. Similarly, Sudüşen Falls are also must see sight of Yalova specifically for nature lovers and relaxation.

Famous Dishes of Yalova

The city is famous for its delicious food. There is variety of dishes that are popular among tourists. The most popular food of Yalova includes Egg Tiridi, Thermal Dessert, Yalova Meatball, Pavli, Black Cabbage Meal and Chirbuli. On the other hand, dishes such as Chubiyis Gayi, Silohto, Meçavçevi Tray, Leaf Pita, Thermal Wrap and Milföylü Yalova are also loved by tourists. At the same time, the delicious food of Yalova also includes dishes as Kebab, Papara, Luhu şuşkey, Lalanga, Papa and Paponi.

On the other hand, the land is fertile for the production of various kinds of vegetables and fruits. The most common food production of the area is Barley, Olive, Peach, Kiwi, Ornamental Plants, Tomato, Cucumber, Cultivated  Mushroom, Strawberry, Wheat, Cranberry, Vetch, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Cabbage, Lettuce and Beans.

Yalova Open Air Museum

Beside the stunning natural beauty of Yalova, there are many historical buildings as well for tourism. One of the most historically significant Museum is Yalova Open Air Museum. The Yalova Open Air Museum is also famous as Arkeopark. Furthermore, the museum is exhibited in the Byzantine Romans and the Ottoman Empire. There are many historical products in this museum as columns, honorary stones and pillar bases. Futhermore, Yalova Open Air Museum exhibits the traces of a history of 6 thousand years in total. On the other hand, Cobankale Rock Monument is also popular historical building. The monument beautifully represents the ancient civilization.

Magnificent mosques and ancient Churches

There are many small and wide beautiful mosques in Yalova. The most magnificent mosques of them are Rustempasa Mosque and Haci Ali Pasa Mosque. Beside the magnificent mosques, there are few ancient churches as well in the town. One of the most famous church is Five Melek Church that represents beauty as well as ancient civilization. Black Church is another historical Church in the town.

Famous Spas, baths and fountains of Yalova

The stunning and famous Baths are also popular among tourists all over the world. These baths are clean, comfortable, fresh and historical. Most famous baths includes Valide Bath and Kurşunlu Bath. The beautiful spa of Yalova is known as Armutlu spas and Thermal Spas. On the other hand, the most inspiring fountains of town is Asiklar Fountain.

Karlik Plateau, Delmece Plateau and Erikli Plateau

Yalova is a province of stunning natural beauty such as greenery, forests, lakes and waterfall. On the other hand, there are few plateaus as well that attracts tourists. These plateaus include Karlik Plateau, Delmece Plateau and Erikli Plateau. Millions of tourists visit these plateaus every year in both summers and winters.

Most famous and Eye-Catching tourist spots

Yalova is the city of phenomenon natural beauty and ancient buildings. Yalova is one of the most popular province for tourism. Some of the magnificent visiting places includes Walking Mansion, Karaca Arboretum, Yalova Kagithanesi, Harmankaya Nature Park, Çınarlı Road (Çınarlı Hıyab that),  Thermal Atatürk Mansio and Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha and Complex. At the same time, Hasanbaba Recreation Area, Üvezpınar, Seven Pools, Ata Park and Yaver Pavilion are most visited tourist spots.