November 19, 2019

Why Invest in Kalkan Property Market?

Why Invest in Kalkan Property Market?

Kalkan, an extensive portfolio of homes that easily entices many foreigners and Turks to move permanently to the region. The fascinating quality of the city is the fact Kalkan will never turn into an urban concrete jungle due to its geographical layout and lack of space for the new buildings. Another major reason that make people fall in love with the place is its magnificent landscape.

Alongside this, the city has much more to offer to the real state property buyers and investors. While entering the town from the main D400 highway or by sea, a picture postcard scene of whitewashed houses and villas can be seen. In addition, these stunning houses and villas are scattered along the hillside. They slope down to the Mediterranean Sea and the traditional harbor as well.

Without any doubt, the success in real state property blessed and more like the success is set in stone. Despite hustle in the rest of the Turkey, the foreigners flock to Kalkan to experience a luxury seaside experience.

Enriched with beautiful landscapes and stunning sea side view, the buyers are also attracted by ultramodern architecture. Moreover, there are many other benefits to invest in the city as few are below.

1. Kalkan An Exclusive Portfolio of Apartments and Villas

Although Kalkan’s popularity and beauty brings the steady stream of luxury holidaymakers providing natives a lucrative income. The real estate market captures everyone’s attention. On the other hand, you will not find the “build them quick, sell them fast” attitude. This attitude is often criticized by industry insiders. Since, this only led to poor urban planning and buildings that presents nothing more than a landscape eyesore.

Moreover, the industry insiders in Kalkan have nothing but praise for the unique architecture and careful attitude. The developers and sellers realize the fact that there is no room for mistakes here. So they make sure to provide best Turkish and international architects to design homes. The unique architecture is often complements by the stunning hilly landscape and provides oodles of space and luxurious living.

At the same time, the key features of homes and buildings are front facing ceiling to floor windows. Wide space homes, and slide able doors and windows count among other prominent features. These features helps to provide the view of gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and merge indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Also, these facilities offer the homeowners the enjoyment of fresh, cool breeze throughout the hot summer months and make the most of life in the sun in winters. Lastly, the infinity pools in kalkan are surely a big business for buyers and investors. The water flowing over the outer edge providing the view of the sea view are ultimate experience of luxury.

2. Six Neighborhoods to Choose From

Kalkan is a beautiful town breaks down into six main neighborhoods. The town presents diversity in lifestyles, cultures and offers choices to buy homes according to your budget.

Most of the budget buyers and investors prefer Kiziltas, on the other side of the D400 highway that offers the lowest price per square meters. It also provides a stunning view of sea. Similarly, on the bay’s west side, you will enjoy the Kalamar beach club ambience and is perfect for buyers who prefer summer getaway.

At the same time, the old town near Ortaalan, reflects the ancient historical buildings complementing the stunning natural beauty. Similarly, this new Kalkan is rich in provides shops, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, banks and bus transport links.

Lastly, the other two neighbors are Komurluk and Kisla that count them as luxurious and prestigious Turkish Riviera destinations. They are poplar for their large, millionaire, luxury mansions and witness the Turkish high society and royalty at its finest.

3. Capital Appreciation and Buy-to-let Income

The best thing about Kalkan is its flexible and decent attitude toward the real state property. They are not in rush to develop the city, which leads to the generating the surplus of housing like other cities of Turkey. Rather, the kalkan is a region where people are concerned about their capital appreciation and is best for its hilly landscapes and unique buildings. The buy-to-let investors and the holiday market, potential rental yields make
kalkan an extremely attractive market than destinations.

Although buyer’s and investors have different reasons for choosing Kalkan, but for real state property, the town has many offers that suits them perfectly.

4-Kalkan An Outdoor Luxurious Lifestyle and Authenticity

The beautiful town of Kalkan offers a luxurious and comfortable outdoor lifestyle that nationalities from countries like Britain appreciate. The stunning lying beach side, sailing the Riviera, where people indulge in water sports such as scuba diving will make you forget the indoors homes in summers and winters. The town assures the enjoyment to holiday makers and visitors by offering a huge range of things to do nearby Patara and heading east to beautiful Kaputas beaches. The hobbies and charities are another indulgence for expats her. The lifestyle is diverse and beautiful that will make you fall in love with the place.

On the other hand, the branded dresses, accessories, utensils, gifts and what not, available in the shops and markets are authentic and reliable. This is another reason why people trust while investing in the town.

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