November 21, 2019

4 Reasons Why Expats Like Fethiye

4 Reasons Why Expats Like Fethiye

Fethiye is the city of lively lifestyle complementing the stunning natural beauty. The beautiful city offers diversity in traditions, cultures, languages and food. There are few historical buildings as well that represent best architecture of ancient civilizations.

The expats fall in love with the phenomenon natural beauty that includes beaches, mountains, butterfly valley and blue lagoon. Due to the luxurious resorts and delicious food, you will hardly find any foreign and Turk who despises the area.

From the inception, it is alluring city that will fill your live with happiness and for western expats; there is immense advantages, satisfaction and lively lifestyle. Fethiye is one of the most remarkable and charming city of Turkey that every one falls in love with. Especially with its natural beauty and gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. The entire town is absolutely attractive, from Taurus mountain range, Butterfly Valley to lively bazaars and ancient buildings.

Among many reasons, there are few common themes that convince expats love to stay in Fethiye.

Easy and Comfortable To settle in:

Whenever we think of changing our country, the first thing we thought about is adjusting and adapting a different lifestyle. Finding new friends to making new social circles, it all seems a struggle at first. At the same time, we are worried about adapting a different taste in food as well making day to day routine.

The best thing about Fethiye is that it really helps newbie expats to settle in comfortably and easily. In Fathiye the lively social scene, gatherings and small groups can be easily found. These social gatherings helps newbie’s finding like-minded and interesting people with common interests and beliefs, easily.

One of the major problem is generally the difference of language that becomes a barrier in adapting in a new country. You are coming to Fethiye to settle in, so do not worry about this aspect. Interestingly, the Locals and the expat community of Fathiye fluently speaks variety of foreign languages especially British. Moreover, while the lively social scene and leisure daytime groups make finding like-minded people with common interests and beliefs easy.

You can also get the local information of the city including maps and must see sites of the city. These aspects of Fethiye help expats to easily adopt a routine that suits them and dissipating home sickness.

Remarkably Cheap Property in Fethiye

Enriched with stunning natural beauty and crowded with expats all around the year, Fethiye is surprisingly cheap in property. Not only that Fethiye satisfies luxury property buyers but the real state property is cheap
as well.

In the region of Sovalye Island, where most of the market caters to budget and middle range buyers, one apartment is selling at the price of £40,000.
Fethiye provides excellent value for money with the current lucrative exchange rate between the pounds to the Turkish lira. That means that buyers really are getting a bargain.

Low Cost of Living

Beside the facility of cheap property, the rest of the lifestyle and daily grocery shopping is affordable as well. The reasonable prices of food items and dresses complementing onto daily life facilitates while allowing affluent expats to start lives in all comfort and luxury. On the other
hand, Grocery shopping is 50% cheaper in Fethiye than any city of UK and property owners also save on household bills. The bills of electricity, gas and water charges are cheap as well.

In other parts of the world, the council tax on common citizens has a significant burden of but not in Turkey. Here the tax depends on the priced on the property per square meter age and number of people on the title deeds. Talking about the current exchange rate, most of the property owners pay less than £80 a year.

As for a small family or a couple that is non-smoking and non-drinking who owns property and use public transport can have an extremely comfortable lifestyle at the cost of 2500 TL per month.

Alluring Lifestyle in Fethiye

Finally, you can easily settle in fethiye while living for low cost, excellent and cheap property but most of all the lively lifestyle. The gorgeous landscapes and the typical Mediterranean lifestyle will make you fall in love with the city. The expats can easily settle while enjoying frolic by the pool or going on beachside or throw themselves into charity and social events, the hustle and bustle are non-existent here.

Moreover, the Non-working expats cheerfully adopt Turkish culture and start living in the moment. The relaxed lifestyle and living close to natural beauty is what fethiye is all about. Expats once start living in this town, they then feel this place not just a house or real estate investment but a home. With all its magnificent natural beauty, backdrop of soft golden sands,
stunning mountains, and miles of azure ocean is what makes Fethiye one of the most-visited cruise ports on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. The town itself is equally attractive, with leafy seafront promenades, lively bazaars, and ancient ruins.