June 25, 2020

Where Can One Grab The “Best Ice Cream” In Turkey?

Ice cream is the only dessert loved by everyone. The hot weather of Turkey is sure to make you sweat. But with every problem comes a solution and the Turks have their yummiest ice cream to ward of summer heat.

The tourists and people around love this dessert. The old ice cream shops throughout the country make a roaring trade around the hot season.

Some vendors make their own ice creams and people tend to enjoy that more. The relishing flavors are sure to blow your mind away.

Coming up next is an expat control for where and what to attempt at the city’s best ice cream spot.

Bitez Ice Cream

In 1995, Mehmet, Ahmet, Ramazan Old Man, and his siblings opened Bitez Ice Cream in Bitez town square. They exhibited fresh fruit-based ice cream for people of Bitez.

Bitez Ice Cream has been serving you for a year in sterile and indigenous habitat. Bodrum tangerine, pomegranate, honey-almond, cherry and mulberry and as waffles are the favorites.

Extended Bitez Ice Cream has a similar flavor to the family. They use 100% organic, fresh fruits for their ice creams. These organic products are with care produced for your taste extend. The whole process takes place under the initiative of our nourishment engineer.

Dondurmino Gelato

The proprietor of Akbulut family ice cream industry in Turkey for a long time. Alacati propelled Dondurmino Gelato da in Turkey. Istanbul-Karaköy Branch opened in 2015. They come along with the idea of flavor and notoriety across the country.

They have shopped with 150 distinct flavors to bless your taste buds. They offer the best case of boutique dondurmacılıg in Turkey.

Not only that but here’s the kicker!

The gelato won’t make you sick or cause any uneasiness like regular ice cream. As the products also contain minerals and vitamins like calcium, magnesium, etc.

The company uses high quality pasteurized milk that is low in fat. Dondurmino’s products, consolidated with enthusiasm and love, are favorite of all.

Dondurmacı Ali Usta 

Since 1969, Ali Usta has been a true brand among dessert sweethearts. And can flaunt notoriety for being extraordinary compared to other stores. It was in the ocean side neighborhood of Moda in the Anatolian part of Istanbul.

Offering around 30 distinctive conventional Turkish flavors. For example, Santa Maria, Hazelnut, Walnut, and Melon. During summer long queues form to taste the delectable specialties at a bargain.

There are a couple of tables inside, yet the convention is to get a cone and stroll around the area parks. This shop serves its clients from 8 am to 4 pm.

Girandola Gelato Italiano

It began in Arnavutköy in 2008 as a real Italian dessert parlor gathering up both gelato and sorbet. Now has transformed into one of the most wanton chains with areas in Yeniköy, Caddebostan, and Göktürk.

Assuming the royal position of being the top Italian ice creamery in Istanbul. The proprietor Aslı Eraltan examined conventional craftsman generation strategies in Italy. He uses regular fixings and normal enhancing.

The menu has more than 40 assortments of rich gelato and invigorating sorbet. Also, including the works of art as imaginative flavors. Crème Brûlée, Dulce de Leche, Mascarpone, Nutella, Caramel Brittle.

For winters sharp cherry with green apple and pumpkin and fig. There is a little indoor and open-air seating territory in their milestone area. They gather up from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Furthermore, it makes for a super comfortable walk around covering the Bosphorus.


Mado’s becoming worldwide image is all due to Yaşar Pastanesi. He took the first step and is a significant part of these 150 years of involvement in speaking to the world.

Now presenting with a worldwide brand in an adaptable and productive way. The ice processing plant opened in 1965 in K.Maraş is as significant for Mado for what it’s worth for the area.

The company offers a large variety of vegan ice creams. The ice cream freaks can enjoy the real goodness and it is a true heaven for them.

For those intolerant to lactose, this is the best place. They use fresh nuts milk and organic fruits, dark chocolate for making 100% vegan products. And offers you an unquenchable flavor.

Other than these ingredients, they use coconut milk, hazelnut milk. It adds a certain health element as well as flavors of natural products.

Turkish Milk Pudding Producer

As we all know, Turkish delights are famous around the world. The milk puddings they produce are actually a part of Ottoman heritage. Muhallebi is a famous type of milk pudding. Also, this country is to some extent among the greatest milk pudding producers.

Dondurmacı Yaşar Usta, Alaçatı Muhallebicisi, Cremeria Milano are some other places. Now here is all the information provided. You know exactly which sweet treat will please your cravings.

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