August 30, 2019

Van The Home of Rare Cat Breed

Van Cat turkey

Van is a city in eastern Turkey’s Van Province, located on the eastern shore of Lake Van. The city has a long history as a major urban area. It has been a large city since the first millennium BC, initially as Tushpa, the capital of the kingdom of Urartu from the 9 th century BC to the 6 th century BC, and later as the center of the Armenian kingdom of Vaspurakan.

In addition, Van is the 19th most populous city in Turkey. It is the most populous city in the Eastern Anatolia Region.


Archaeological excavations carried out in Van indicate that human settlement in this region exists since 5000 BC. The Tilkitepe Mound, which is on the shores of Lake Van and a few kilometers to the south of Van castle, is the only source of Information about the oldest culture of the city.

The history of the city which started with the settlement of the Hurrians who migrated from the Central Asia, continued under the domination of the Roman Empire, but in 395 AD the empire was divided into two and the Eastern Roman Empire took over Van. Underground the ancient time of Tushpa, Van was the capital of the Urartian kingdom in the 9 th century BC. As a result of the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, the region was totally subjugated by Turks. It became the territory of Turkish or Ottoman Empire in 1534.

Van Cat

Van Cat, known to swim very well, is a noble and very rare cat breed. Eye color falls into 3 categories; one eye blue, the other eye amber, both eyes blue, both eyes amber.

Famous Van Lake

Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region and the ‘Pearl of the East’, incorporate the Turkey’s largest lake. Mount Nemrut in Bitlis province has volcanic features. With the eruption of Mount Nemrut, graben formations in the region blocked gradually. The Lake exists as volcanic embankment lake formed in this way. Due to its pH and salinity, Lake Van does not exhibit freezing properties like other lakes. It is Turkey’s largest lake. According to a rumor issued by the locals in order to attract tourists to the lake and its surroundings, a monster lives on Lake Van. For this reason, many researches occur in and around the lake.

Famous Cuisine

In culinary terms, as some cities in Turkey became renowned for their  kebap culture or other types of traditional local dishes. Whereas, Van has distinguished itself with its breakfast culture. Others are Buttermilk Vacccine, Quince Meal, Bulgur Vaccine, Borani, Cacik, Cilbir, Liver Patties, Circh Pin, Circh Rice, Plum Roast, Sour, Goblet, Helise, Spoon Dessert, Roasted Meatballs, Kurut Meatball, Kurut Patties , Herbed Cheese, Sengeser, Tandoori.

Landmarks and Historical Places

Nonetheless, this beautiful city houses many precious spots for its tourists. Mainly the famous places include Adır Church, Akdamar Church, Ancient City, Ayanis Castle, Çavuşepe Castle, Erçek Lake, Eski Van Ulu Mosque, Halime Hatun Cupola, Hoşap Castle, Hurkan Bridge and Hüsrev Paşa Mosque. Moreover, Kaya Çelebi Mosque, Muradiye Waterfall St. Bartholomeus Church, Devil’s Bridge, Van Lake, Castle, Cat House, Museum, Fairy Chimneys, Seven Churches and Zernek Castle