August 1, 2019

Uşak The City of Lovers and Minstrels

Usak Turkey

Uşak is a city in the inland of the Aegean Region of Turkey. It is also the capital of Uşak Province. The most distinct characteristic of this city is its location. It provides a safe passage between four different regions of Turkey, namely the Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolian and the Mediterranean regions.

History of Uşak Region

The Phrygians and the Lydians ruled over the region of present-day during the seventh century BC. The Karun Treasure, discovered in 1965, describes the high degree of civilization attained by these Anatolian states. The Persian Empire took over the lands of Lydia in the 6th century BC. Later, Alexander the Great and his successors conquered this region in the 4th century.

Until the Byzantine period, the city was termed as Ouşakeion (Ουσάκειον) in Greek. Later, Turkish dynasties dominated over the area and gave it the name, Uşşak. This word meant “lovers” and “minstrels” simultaneously.

Thereafter, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Germiyanids and finally the Ottoman Empire successively ruled over the regions of Uşak throught the centuries.

The Greek army briefly occupied Uşak, between 28 August 1920 and 1 September 1922.

Uşak was a district center under the Kütahya Province until 1953. Later, Uşak Province came under constitution and Uşak became its provincial capital.

Local Products in Uşak

Uşak is famous for its dynamic weaving center. The city produces high quality cotton cloth and bed sheets. The carpets and kilims traditionally woven here are wellknown around the world. There are many different local types of kilim design, such as the safe namazlik, selvili namazlik, altinbas, albas, aynali kilim, and Takmak kilimi.

Historical Landmarks and Museums

Uşak is home to wondrous historical sites and museums. For example, the Kaftanci House Museum and the Ataturk Ethnography Museum, displays wonderful Uşak carpets and kilims in Ataturk’s former residence.

The province is divided into 6 districts; Banaz, Eşme, Karahallı, Sivaslı, Ulubey, and Uşak.

These districts are famous for their monuments and ancient city ruins. The city of Sebaste is located 2 km from Sivasli District of Uşak Province. The Roman emperor Augustus founded this city as one of the 12 important cities during the Roman Period in 20 BC.

Moreover, ancient city of Akmonia (Ahatköy), located on the famous King’s Road 40 km from Uşak occurs as an important heritage site. From the south side of village, streams surround Banaz on three side. The natural habitat dominates the environment. In 2000, a large mosaic floor depicting a gymnasium was discovered in Akmonia.

Another an ancient city from the Lydian civilization, Mesotimolos, as discovered close to the Aegean district of Düzköy.

Furthermore, the antique city of Blaundus was located on the borders of Sülümenli village of Ulubey district of Uşak.

Famous Cuisine

Uşak has a variety of dishes and cuisine that one can enjoy during their visit. For example, Rose Rusks, Liver Wrap, Farkalla, Stuffed Artichoke Stuffed, Iron Dessert, Alacatene, Pottery Meat, Stuffed Meat with Pepper, Alacatene, Hoshimim, Rice Dumplings, Stone Covering, Butler Dumpling, Keskek, Tarhana Soup, Egg Leak, Cendere Dessert, Amulet Pastry, Cucumber Dinner, Puff Pastry with Pork, Katmer, Fatty Crispy, and Liver Bulgur.