July 3, 2019

Uludağ The Great Mount Olympus

Uludağ is a range of mountain in Bursa Province, Turkey, with an elevation of 2,543 m (8,343 ft). Uludağ means “great mountain” in Turkish language but previously known as Mysian Olympus or Bithynian Olympus. Mysia is the prehistoric name of the Uludağ region, which was a part of Southern Marmara. The range is one of the twenty mountains around the eastern half of Mediterranean basin and was the part of the southern edge of Bithynia.

The Mountain of Mythology

Uludağ functioned as a hermitage to Christian monks due to its serene natural beauty. After Ottoman Sultan Orhan Gazi conquered Bursa, many dervishes (santons) seeked refuge on this mountain. Due to refuge, the place gained name Keşiş Dağı “Mountain of the Monks” in the Ottoman era. Furthermore, the famous Greek historian, Homeros believed that Apollo God of Sun and other Greek Gods watched the Trojan Wars from this mountain.

Winter Paradise (Winter Sports & Resorts)

Uludag serves as Turkey’s biggest winter sports and nature center. Uludağ is a mixture of untouched natural beauty and abundance of resorts of winter-sports. Being at a higher altitude, Uludağ remains far more colder than Bursa throughout the year. In summer time, Bursa has a unforgiving hot climate, unlike Uludağ atmosphere which makes it impossible to remain comfortable without a cardigan outdoors.

Skiing is considered to be an enjoyable winter sport between October and April in those snow capped mountains. There is a guarantee of a constant snow cover and below freezing temperatures between December and March.

Moreover, Uludag is also home to tons of hot water pools, thermal springs and spas, providing their healing effect to every visitor.

Due to its appropriate geographical location, Uludag’s ski resorts are famous for heli-skiing, snow boarding, ice-skating and snow biking. Ski equipment, rental and instructors are all accessible there. There are eight chair-lifts, seven T-bars and 13 different ski runs.

There are numerous hiking tracks on Uludağ. The most widely used trail is through the forest from Sarialan to Cobankaya and the trail above the treeline to the glacial.

Uludağ National Park

To protect the numerous species of flora and fauna, the government declared Uludag as a National Park in 1961. It became a trendy destination for diverse activities and holidays for every season. It provides sanctuary for mountain birds, such as lammergeier and other vultures, golden eagle and more than 20 other raptor species.

Uludag is a mountain full of rich history and secrets; a prominent destination for all thrill seekers and nature lovers.