September 25, 2020

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea (Cay)

Turkish tea can be bought in virtually every shop in the country, and even the occasional visitor to this country cannot be impressed by its spread. It is a well-known fact that everything is at stake at home and in the office, but you rarely see anyone in this country drinking tea alone. For the Turks, tea is much more than just a drink, it is a joint activity. A traditional Turkish picnic is a barbecue party with lots of food, people take teapots to make tea over a wood fire, which definitely enriches the taste of the tea. Bebe on how much tea is consumed in Turkey and how it differs in taste and taste from other countries.

You will also be amazed at the curved handles on teacups, which are associated with Islamic patterns and inscriptions. Walkthrough a tea garden or tea house and hear the sounds of the tea break, the smell of the tea and even the sound of a teapot.

If you are interested in buying a unique teacup, this is one of the best options that are available to you to consider. Turkish teacups are thin in the middle, but you will find some with a wider base. You will see a clear difference in Turkish teacups when you compare them with other teacups you can buy in the market. If you want a different type of teapots, such as a glass or ceramic cup or even a wooden one, you have the choice between different types of cups with different shapes, sizes and shapes.

At the same time, you can offer exquisite Turkish teacup sets that add an element of luxury to your dining table.

In fact, it is unheard of in Turkish culture for guests to run out of tea during the visit, and you should actually always be ready to drink tea before you consider any other special treats. I recommend this tea when visiting Turkey, but if you try a cold alcoholic drink, do not change it.

Turkish tea sets are hand made, and special attention is also paid to every little detail as well. Turks consume tea Right at the beginning of the day for breakfast And there is a big pot of tea on the table before you even ask. At most workplaces, tea is brewed from time to time and served to the employees. Turkish restaurants where breakfast is called “tea baklava” or “tai kara” in this country, but also in many other places in Turkey.

Tea with Simit
Turkish Tea with Simit

The tea leaves remain in the bottom of the teapot and then migrate into the bottom of the glasses, but you can brew tea directly in a teacup. Most teacups are made of brass and are also very comfortable and pleasant to drink.

When you notice that most tea leaves have sunk to the bottom of your teapot, you know that your tea is ready to be served. To prevent this, you could use an equally traditional method and place a teaspoon on each tea glass for a minute to finish the teas, or apply it continuously to continuously refill tea until you signal that you have really drunk enough tea. You can also put a teaspoon in the top glass itself to signal that you have had enough. You don’t have to boil tea endlessly wherever you go, but you can fill it in glasses to let the host know when you’ve had enough, even if it’s only a few minutes.

Add sugar and water from the Turkish coffee pot (or Cezve if desired) to the metal of the Turkish coffee pot (like this). Pour the tea from the top level of the teapot into the glass and seal the foam between the two Turkish coffee cups with a teaspoon. When it comes to the boil, pour into a glass and serve with a tablespoon of sugar, water or a small amount of coffee (about 1 / 2 cup).

To boil the tea, put the water in the lower part of the teapot and add some tea to the upper part. Add a small amount of tea concentrate to the tea and serve with the very strong tea (koyu demli).

Turkish coffee does not have enough sweetness because it is quite thick and is served in a small cup. The Turks need the perfect Turkish cup, no matter how well the tea is prepared, so they can enjoy the drink perfectly.

So you can browse through the collection of teacups we have for you and walk through them with your own teacup.

Turkish tea glasses that we have in our collection have the unique and unmistakable characteristics that every Turkish teacup should have. Turkish serving glass differs from other glasses such as those in Morocco and Russia in that the glass is clear, so that you can recognize the rich red color of the tea. In fact, Turks prefer to drink from the Inci belli bardak, a thin glass of wine. The tulip shaped tea glass with its curved shape, which keeps the tea warm, also shows the colours of the tea! Find out more traditional

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