July 22, 2019

Turkish summer holidays guide 2019

Summer is around the corner all of us want to have fun yet budget-friendly vacation. Turkey ticks off all the requirements for a perfect holiday whether it is about its unique geographical location as a bridge or a barrier between Europe and Asia. Or being poised as it is by the Christian West and Muslim East, gives it an extra frisson when compared with competing for Mediterranean destinations such as Italy and Greece. Famed for its ancient ruins, grand monuments, and traditional food, Turkey is for those who love the rich history, scenic beaches and delicious Kebabs. Thus, spending the summer in Turkey will ensure that you have a fulfilling experience.

Weather in summer in Turkey:

This is peak season for tourism and the days are long, hot and dry during the Turkish summer holidays. Because, there are 10 sunshine hours on average each day and the average temperature is 24C, with highs of 28C. Overnight, temperatures fall to a low of around 17C, which shouldn’t feel too cold. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the area at this time is 42C. Istanbul is quite humid all year round.

Islamic heritage:

In prevalently Muslim Turkey you may well wind up quickly blended around day break by the sound of the Aadhan. Be that as it may, as it is likewise an immovably mainstream state, you’ll more than likely be making the most of your vacation independent of any religious confinements. Turkey is well known for its heavenly mosques and Ottoman engineering. Overwhelming a domain for near 500 years, the Ottoman Sultans understood the significance of these sacrosanct locales. What’s more, that too of all confidence and safeguarded and ensured them. Turkey has a rich legacy of religious and common engineering, of mosques and tombs and of destinations of confidence. Presently it is the ideal opportunity for you to come to Turkey for motivation in these blessed terrains. 

For Beach-based Holiday Lovers:

If you don’t know, Anatolia is a vast, tilting tableland of steppe and mountain running for almost a thousand miles to the borders with Iran. In the Aegean region, the mountains of the Anatolian interior run at right angles to the sea, giving a beautifully indented coastline of bays and coves, promontories and peninsulas. And that too, at it’s dramatic best around the popular resort towns of Bodrum and Marmaris. Moreover, the mountains plunge right into the sea in many places around the mountainous southwest corner of the country where the Aegean merges into the Mediterranean. Whilst heading east of Antalya, endless sandy beaches fringe a broad plain fronting the Taurus mountain chain. Dalaman, Gelemis, Kalkan, Kas, and Dalyan are some must-visit places for beach lovers.

Ancient Sites:

Another major joy of exploring Turkey is its ancient attractions. The Aegean and Mediterranean littoral are liberally strewn with superb Graeco-Roman ruins, from well-known places like Troy and Ephesus to little-visited wonders such as Cappadocia, Arykanda and Sagalassos. Most sites are easy enough to visit either on an organized tour or by hire car, although some are best approached by boat.

Tips for Holiday Trip in Turkey:

Tips to spend Turkish summer holidays are as follow:

  • Apply for your Turkey visa in advance.
  • Learn a few Turkish phrases which will help you for sure on your trip.
  • Moreover, use public transport as it is quite safe and budget-friendly.
  • Also, wear cotton clothes as Turkey is known for its hot and dry summers.
  • Wear decent clothes while visiting Mosques