July 24, 2019

Turkish Food – Turkey Goes Nutty

Turkish Food

Nowadays, the intake of nuts has come to be an important part of wholesome consumption. Nuts have been encouraged by and large for coronary heart illnesses, issues in blood sugar and cholesterol, diabetes. And causing metabolic problems, and their antioxidant, diet and mineral contents.

Turkey, placed as a bridge between Europe and Asia, has the benefit of manufacturing diverse forms of nuts because of numerous weather types. With the growth in domestic and worldwide call for, the manufacturing of nut is increasing from yr to year.


Historic documents reveal that hazelnuts grow along the Black coastline in northern Turkey for the reason that 300 BC. So, they are by origin a pure Turkish food. Hazelnut farming has been the chief form of livelihood within the region for centuries – because it nevertheless is. It’s miles anticipated that more than four million population of Turkey depend upon the production, marketing or processing of this product.

In Turkey, hazelnuts crop is in a place of round 350 000 ha. The manufacturing place is all along the Black sea coast. Hazelnut orchards expand as much as 30 Km (18 Miles) in the land. The average annual hazelnut production in the course of the beyond five years in Turkey has been approximately 598 thousand lots in-shell. With its incredible position, Turkey leads the sector among hazelnut producing nations.


Originating from the genus Pistacia, the species Pistacia vera is native to the Near East, Mediterranean and Western Asia. The green seed, which is the pistachio nut, is in a crusty shell. Pistachio kernels are very famous as a snack but used as an ingredient in meat merchandise like salami or sausages. Or within the confectionary enterprise as part of chocolate, desserts, Turkish pleasure, baklava, ice cream, and other traditional Turkish candies.

Pistachio cultivation on an expert basis commenced with the Ceylanpinar country Farm, which became mounted in 1948 with 114 da of land. These days, this farm has come to be a critical area in pistachio studies in Turkey. And as a result, the entire area devoted to this purpose has reached 10,7 million ha. Since it is very famous among Turkish foods.


Being the 0.33 largest chestnut producer in the global, Turkey is a leading manufacturer of the Castanea sativa. the principle production regions are the Aegean and the Black Sea areas. However, Aydin is the most crucial province in chestnut production. Moreover, the opposite essential provinces are Izmir, Kastamonu, Sinop, and Bartin. Also, in 2011 the chestnut production reached 60 thousand tones in Turkey.


Almonds in Turkey are commonly produced in provinces having Aegean or Mediterranea climates. In this regard, the principle of almond developing provinces in Turkey is Mugla and Mersin. In which about one zone of the Turkish almond production is realized. Lastly, other critical production regions in Turkey are Antalya, Isparta, Sanliurfa, Denizli, and Elazig.