September 30, 2019

Why Visit Turkey?

A nation that mounts Europe and Asia, is full of rich culture. Turkey has connections to ancient empires like Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine and more. The city of Istanbul connects the two continents across the Bosporus Strait.

Home to hundreds of tourist attractions, Turkey is among the world’s famous destinations. The country shows a beautiful blend of different cultures, arts, which makes Turkey the worlds biggest open-air museum.

Weather in summer in Turkey:

The peak season for tourism is when its summer and the days are long, hot and dry. There are 10 sunshine hours on average each day and the average temperature is 24C, with highs of 28C. Overnight, temperatures fall to a low of around 17C, which shouldn’t feel too cold. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the area at this time is 42C. Istanbul is quite humid all year round.

Now here are a few reasons why you must add this country to your travel destination.

Turkish Cuisine

The cuisine is to a great extent the legacy of Ottoman food. It’s portrayed as a combination and refinement of Central Asia, Middle East. Also of Eastern European and Balkan cooking styles. The Ottomans intertwined different culinary customs of their domain. Along with impacts from Levantine cooking styles.

Turkish food revolves around meat, rice, bread, and vegetables. Yet you may see a massive variety there. Talking of food, Turkey is famous for its mouth-watering desserts. The Baklava is yet most famous.


Kemal Atatürk showed a certain interest in research and exhibition of Anatolian artifacts. That’s the reason for the development of Turkish museums. These museums offer staggering antiques as craftsmanship. With its rich history that traverses the ages and realms. This country is home to fantastic museums. They preserve vital archaeological findings from around the country.

There are 151 famous museums across the 36 provinces. Hagia Sophia, Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology are among the most renowned ones.

Special Activities

The country offers a whole new level of exciting activities. The large coastline allows you to be part of yachting or other water sports.

Other than that, you can take a cruise and enjoy the mesmerizing view of Bosporus. Alongside relish the sights of Topkapi Palace and Maiden’s Tower.

The fun only starts here. Rock climbing, sea kayaking, mountain biking, diving and much more await you. Take a ride of Cappadocia on horseback. Or climb the Mount Ararat.


We all know how much tourists all over the world love rave about Turkey. Among numerous captivating spots, Turkish Riviera is the one. Its breezy climate, cozy beaches, clear water surrounded by the serene mountain and greenery spread over the vast area of shoreline makes it world top tourist attraction. People also call it ‘Turquoise Coast’. It is situated in the southwest turkey mainly comprising the provinces of Antalya and Muğla and to a lesser extent Aydın, southern İzmir and western Mersin. Every year countless tourist all over the world visit and explore the beauty of Turkish Riviera.

The unending coastline in Turkey resulted in the world’s most delightful shorelines. They come in a lot of assortment including sand to stones and precipice shorelines. For the lovers of sand and sun, this country has a lot to offer. In southern parts, you will enjoy 6 months of summer with beautiful sunsets.

But given the name Aegean Sea due to Aegean Region, is a mild cold sea. Black Sea, Marmara Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea are the other seas among the list.

Mosques in Turkey

According to an estimate, there were around 82,693 mosques in 2013. The numbers might have increased by now. Only in Istanbul, there are 3,113 mosques, each with astounding architecture. Among the most visited ones Sultan Ahmed Mosque in on top of the list.

This mosque is also known as the Blue Mosque due to the blue hand-painted tiles used in the interior. Other than this Dolmabahçe Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Selimiye Mosque are also the most visited ones.


Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is without a doubt on every tourists’ and a shopping hoarder’s bucket list, and for a good reason. This is the largest covered market in the world. Since its size and the variety of goods available it is impossible not to discuss it while mentioning worth visiting the site in Istanbul, Turkey. This gigantic cover market of the area comprising of 30,700 m, with 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops was listed No.1 among the world’s most-visited tourist attractions with 91,250,000 annual visitors in 2014. Around 250,000 to 400,000 visit this market daily.

Since its history goes back to the mid-15th century, it is often referred to a first shopping mall of the world. This bazaar is actually famous for the variety of spices, carpets, jewelry, and pottery. The largest shopping mall in Europe Istanbul Cevahir is home to shopping freaks. The Asian and European continents have effects on fashion around. You will get to see traditional as well as high fashion taste.


The accommodation of every possible and convenient style is available in Turkey. From the luxurious and lavish hotels to mild ranged ones, you can get any hotel that suits you. In a city like Istanbul, the rates may be a bit higher than in other cities. Yet on the opposite side, you may locate most astounding lodgings.

Want to know the best part? Due to extreme competitive environments, the rates are reasonable. You get to experience the most astonishing extravagance hotels in the world.


A hammam or in simple words, a Turkish bath is a public place of bathing. This trend is a part of the culture and has been around from the Ottoman Empire. During the Victorian era, a variation in this method becomes quite popular. Later on, the trend spread through the British Empire as well as Western Europe.

These baths are water-based with relaxing in a heated room. After going through the hot part, the bathers enter cool rooms to relax.

If you are an actual fun lover and found of some real adventure then pack your bags for a trip to Turkey. The land is full of surprises, from artistic Mosques to the museums full of rich history. The people are warm and welcoming. They urge to help and are offer hospitality. We encourage you to add this country in your bucket list and create memories of a lifetime.

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