October 1, 2019

The Top 10 Street Foods in Istanbul

Istanbul Kiz Kulesi

All Turkey fans around the globe can swear by the fact that Turkish cuisine is full of taste and flavor. It is a significant aspect of its culture. The important factor that makes it special is the use of fresh ingredients and being light on the stomach, unlike fast food which is common across Europe. And thus, among all other cities of Turkey, Istanbul got a lead in this regard.

Food in Istanbul

From the famous kebabs and kofte to the unique combination of soup and rice, you can never go wrong with food in Istanbul. Moreover, famous for its rich taste and delicious blend of spices, Turkish street food is every food lover’s dream. Along with the variety and taste you will notice that every region has its own significant culture and cuisine and hence famous for the specific dishes. So if you plan to visit Istanbul anytime soon here is the complete guide about what to eat there so you can have a wholesome experience.

Istanbul Kebabs

Istanbul Heart of Turkey

Istanbul is a city of big significance as it is between two continents, Europe and Asia. And hence, every country or city has its own specific street food for which the people are crazy. Similarly, Istanbul is famous not only because of its location and multiculturalism but also because of the variety of street foods. It is a symbol of the Turkish taste.

About Street Food

The concept of street foods started in ancient Greece. Then in 1502, the Ottoman Empire standardized these street foods. And from then on, these street foods become the tradition and craze of every person in Turkey. Also, the streets of Istanbul have aromas of these mouth-watering and delicious foods if you happen to visit that beautiful place. You will not be able to stop yourself to have the taste of these delicacies when you are passing through these streets, even if you are not hungry. The other great thing is that these are different in every corner of the city.

So let’s come and we will tell you about these foods in detail:


This is the food which has the greatest number of fans in Turkey. In other words, you can easily that this is the national street food of Turkey. It is a soft savory bread, sprinkled with sesame seeds and an amazing afternoon snack. This is chewy from the inside which makes the people enjoy it and crisp from the outside. Hence, your visit to Istanbul will be incomplete if you don’t eat this street food.

Midye Dolma

This is also a very famous food having stuffed mussels. Most commonly, these mussels are stuffed with rice but there also many other varieties of it. This includes fully packed orange mussel, currant, and herbed rice. You just have to crack them open and cover them with a squeeze of lemon and this mouth-watering food is ready to be enjoyed.

Balık Ekmek

This is a fish sandwich which is particularly favorite of every Turk, especially in Istanbul the fishermen started to sell these fish sandwiches so that they can sell their fishes in a greater amount. This is a very simple but mouth-watering food. There is a stuffed grilled fish in baked bread. Best ones are sold especially on shores of Golden Horn and Kumkapi market at a price of only 10 lira.

İçli Köfte

These are the meat croquette and is the street food which makes a person crazy for it. They are made from ground beef or lamb, onions, cracked wheat and mixed with cinnamon and spices. Then they are finally served with a spicy sauce or a mint yogurt to make it more delicious. Their tasteful aroma spreads all over the streets in Istanbul.


 These are the meat wraps that are not only are on the streets but also in restaurants all over the city. “Lavas” is a name of bread which people in Istanbul use to make these kababs. This bread is rolled out very thin to make a crispy layer. This bread is made up of flour, salt, and water and filled with spiced meat and salad. But for a vegetarian, chef fills it with cheese and vegetables. Also, the best of the Durums are found around Taksim Square.


This is an intestine of skewered sheep’s which sounds dreadful but this is one of the most appetizing and tasty street foods of Istanbul. This food started after a night of raki drinking. This wraps around the bread then roasted. Then the chef chops it with spices and herbs and then finally cooked on the grill.



This is a baked potato. The people are a huge fan of this baked potato which sounds very simple to make. But they make a mouth-watering and most appetising street food by decorating the potato with Turkish cheese, meat, corn, and many other things. Very easy to make and can be eaten anywhere.


Gozleme Turkish

This is the Turkish pancakes but less spongy and doughier than Europe ones. You can fill it with anything like onions, cheese, fish, sauces, and vegetables like the Turkish baked potato. You can find the best of these gozlemes in small markets such as Monday Bazaars in Istanbul.

Macun Şekeri

Now we come towards the sweet street foods. On the top is the Macun sekeri which is a type of lollipop. The chef wraps it in numerous varieties of flavors. Moreover, it started back in the 15th Century during the Ottoman Empire.

Maraş Dondurması

This is an extremely yummy ice cream which you will find in the streets of Istanbul. Difficult to make but it is worth to taste. Its sellers wear red-gold costumes and they use to entertain the tourist which adds more taste to this ice cream.

The Most appetizing Street Foods

The above-listed street foods are not the only ones in which you can find Istanbul, but these are the only few. Words ended but these numerous street foods and their mouth-watering taste cannot be described completely. Istanbul is much famous for its street foods so you must visit Istanbul to taste these amazing foods.


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