February 1, 2020

The Kirpasa Peninsula

The Kirpasa Peninsula

The Kirpasa of Peninsula is a large coastal area which is located near the famous city of Famagusta in Cyprus. This is basically a long finger liked peninsula of Cyprus and is famously known due to the location of the region. Kirpasa of Peninsula is also known in Turkish by the name of Karpaz. Kirpasa of Peninsula is also under the De facto control of northern Cyprus.

This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

The Population of Kirpasa of Peninsula:

In the year 2010, the total population density of the region was about 26 people per square kilometer which is much lesser than the rest of Northern Cyprus, consisting majorly of the Greek Cypriots. This region covers most of the area of northern Cyprus which is about 898 km square. This region makes almost up to 27% of the total area of northern Cyprus. Peninsula is basically the region whose borders are majorly covered by water with the least interaction with land but this cannot be categorized as an island, due to the reason that one of the sides of such reason is connected to the mainland, just like in the case of Kirpasa of Peninsula. Most of the individuals living here are concentrated in the city of Rizokarpaso.

Geographical Status:

This Kirpasa of Peninsula is famous for a number of physiological assets in the region. These being the rolling hills that give the area a mountainous look. Along with the grain fields, followed by the vineyards. Which are partially domesticated by the individuals living there. Other fields which can be found here are of tobacco fields, olives, and carob trees. While having some of the loneliest beaches found in northern Cyprus. The reason behind such lonely beaches is that the huge amount of beaches present here. With most of them not even developed and having the basic necessities for the individuals to visit here.

This region was quite densely populated with individuals of a number of different regions. Such as the Greeks, Turkish or even the migrants from nearby areas. Kirpasa of Peninsula also contained a number of archeological sites along with early Christian churches. Present there along with a monastery representing the diverse set of individuals living there. Similarly, the individuals living here used to represent such cultural activities that had been long died in the rest of the areas. Through the festivals and the crafts being produced here. Another specialty of the region is that the individuals here possess special blue-green colored eyes.

Cultural Diversity:

Similarly, some other facial features linked the individuals living there with the Frankish or the Arab settlements showing that sometime in the past. Most probably one of these regions moved to the area for settlement. And their successors mixed with the individuals already living there, generating cultural diversity.

In the year 1974, this region was basically a mixture of cities majorly inhabited with the individuals of different religions. Such as some of the cities such as Simeon, Korovia were the Turkish majority cities and were occupied by the Turkish forces in the past. Some other cities such as the Trias and neighboring cities were Greek majority cities. They were the regions where the Greek Cypriots were in majority from a long period of time. And have never left the location throughout their lives.

Denktas reached the region in the year 1964 and came up with the idea of segregating these regions for better lifestyle of both these majorities. Both the communities refused the idea of moving from their houses. However, a small number of Turkish individuals did move from a location to a village nearby. And fortified themselves due to the probability of the problems being created in the future.

The Tension between Communities:

As both these communities were culturally different from each other and never wanted to live with each other. This problem was however increased by the local government of that time. They paved a road between the two regions and claimed the routes for themselves, leaving the Muslims of the region to defend themselves. Nowadays the ratio of the population has been changed a lot. Smaller cities in the region are majorly inhabited by the Turkish individuals making up almost 50 percent of the total population of the area.

Tourism in Kirpasa Peninsula:

In the year 1998, the government widened the roads of the area thus making traveling in the region much easier. These roads linked almost all the cities of the region. The main road moves in between the cities and minor detours are required in order to visit the famous places in the area. Buses services are available in the region but the service is not so regular and the buses do not travel mostly on the main road, hence it is advised to travel on owned cars.

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