February 3, 2020

The Abbey of Bellapais

Abbey of Bellapais

Welcome to the Abbey of Bellapais:

Moving from the city of Ozankey, towards inland and moving uphill one will reach the village of Beylerbeyi (Abbey of Bellapais). This village is located on the mountain just like on a natural terrace of these mountains. Facing the sea, this village provides its residence with the most beautiful views of sunrise and sunset, especially to the tourists. This village has an ornamental ceramic plate in the middle of the village. This ceramic plate has the writing on it “Bitter Lemons: Lawrence Durrell lived here 1953-56”. He moved here during the 1950s in order to spend some time here and finished a masterpiece here for the world. He wrote Justine while his stay here in this particular village which is the first volume of Alexandria Quartet.

Talking about the view of this location, it can be easily judged that there are a number of more beautiful villages in the adjacent areas then Beylerbeyi. This village has a little greenery, most of which was destroyed in the major fire of 1995. This village does have more open space then the villages of Karmi or Lapta. Similarly due to the fire not only the bushes were effected but a number of other things also got lost such as the Cobbles which cannot be seen in the village since then. The glory of this village is only due to the location and the view it provides to the tourists as sunset and sunrise.


Beylerbeyi was originally founded by the person named St. Mary who fled from Palestine along with a number of other individuals in order to live here and spend the rest of their lives in peace and away from war-like conditions. This saint immediately changed his living conditions and adopted the way of living like the others in the adjacent area hence the area was given its nickname as “White abbey”. Later this area was conquered by the Lusignan King named Hugh III. He also preferred to keep to the local culture rather than implementing a new culture here. Followed by this Lusignan king were the benefactors.

These individuals stayed here for a while but provided a new attraction for the Genoese Plundering in the year 1373. After this conquering, this area declined both in its wealth as well as the physical assets. These were followed by the Turks in the year 1570. These Turkish individuals converted the village into a majority Christian community and built a central church here.

The Nature in Bellapais:

In order to reach the area, you move from Ozankey. Entering the village from in between a line of palm trees that were planted here by Mr. Kollis in the year 1940s. These trees are still lush green due to the abundant amount of water. Being provided to them by the irrigation system and natural rainwater. Kybele is one of the restaurants which are listed among the best ones of them all. The timing of this restaurant varies with the passage of time, however, the rates here are quite economical with a good quality of food being provided to the individuals coming here. Mostly an individual can have a full meal in about 1.50.

Roman Sarcophagus:

Moving to the northern side of the Cloister, one can see the Roman sarcophagus. This is basically the washbasin which served a number of monks before these monks move into the refectory. Moving towards the seaside, there are six huge windows which open towards the sea. These windows immediately followed by a huge 30-meter drop. There is also a raised pulpit on the northern wall. This northern pulpit showing a number of sculptors. Representing the number of cultures this village has seen in the past. Narrow spiral stairways lead to a small library having a collection of books. Most of these books contain information about the history of this village. Which can be used by the tourists and read while waiting for the meals or even during mealtime.

However, this refractory was forcefully used by the Turkish forces during the war. As a shooting range for their troops providing them with the best shooting range conditions here. Due to this act, one can still see a number of bullet holes in the eastern wall of the building. Another stairway will lead to the remains of the kitchen which was once functional during the glory days of refectory leading to a storage area where mostly the kitchen stock was placed for later usage.

Restaurants in the Abbey of Bellapais:

Ulusoglu is one of the best restaurants in the area. This restaurant is mostly shaded by a mulberry tree not so lush green but doing his task to provide shade to this particular restaurant. This restaurant is most famous for the fast-food being provided here for the individuals and continental food in the most economical budget.

Another restaurant from the most list of good restaurants is the Bellapais Gardens, this is located just below the Refectory adjacent to the northern wall, providing the individuals with a number of services such as studio, one-bedroom interiors or even suits for the families which tend to spend their vacations in the area. Although the service is provided here are not very much up to the mark but it still does the task.

Internal link: https://turkish.co.uk/the-abbey-of-bel…ylerbeyi-village/

Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellapais


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