July 22, 2019

Statue of, Balıklıgöl (Abraham’s Pool)

Balikligol Sanliurfa Turkey

Humans have a very deep relationship with art. From the humble beginnings of life until today, the idea of learning skills and mastering them always sound fascinating. Before the invention of pictures they used to paint or draw the objects and even before that they used to carve or sculpt it. Yet history showed us that the art of sculpting is not that old until 1994 when the 11,500-year-old balıklıgöl statue was found on Yeni Yol Street in Balıklıgöl (Abraham’s Pool).

The artist carved this absolute piece of art out of a block of limestone around 9,500 BC. The era when humanity yet figures out lifestyle, civilization, and adaptation. When it took further four thousand years to build pyramids, and six thousand years had to invent scripts.

About the Statue:

It is a 1.8-meter tall statue made of sandstone. The eyes form deep holes, in which there are segments of black obsidian. It features a V-shaped collar or necklace. The hands are covering the genitals and clasped in front. There is no accord on what the statue demonstrates; a god, an administrator, or an ordinary person. However, all experts agree that they have to solve this mystery. You can find the gem of a statue at the Museum of Şanlıurfa today.

The Oldest Statue in the World:

Anatolia, the Asian side of Turkey, is the land making up most of the country. And by definition, it means the land where the sun rises. People call it the land of the beginning of civilizations. That’s because many milestones in human history took place in Anatolia. For instance, it is the land where the first human settlement was found, the first temple was built, and the first coins were minted. And the list goes on. As the addition of recent discoveries and never-ending finds to the cultural and historical heritage of humanity, and our pride with Anatolia grows. The 11,500-year-old Balıklıgöl Statue was one of those finds, revealing the role played by Anatolia in the development of sculpture.

New Chapter in the History:

Although archaeologists do find unearthed figurines under numerous other locations of the world all of them were just a few centimeters tall. Among those, it is apt to say that the balıklıgöl statue is one of its kind. As the size of the statue and the fine detailing on it is indeed the beginning of a new chapter in history books.

About Balıklıgöl (Abraham’s Pool):

Archeologists found the Balıklıgöl Statue as recently as 1994, around Balıklıgöl (Abraham’s Pool). It is an area that is considered to be the holiest site of Şanlıurfa. It is one of the oldest and holiest settlements in the world. Abraham spent most of his life in Urfa. This is why they call the balıklıgöl statue the Urfa man. In short, if you are keen on culture, art, and history, you should keep Şanlıurfa on top of your bucket list.