July 3, 2019

Sivas The Splendid Reflection of Art and Architecture

Your heart needs sensational experiences of travelling all over the world. Does your tender heart want to spend morning in the sophisticated and peaceful mountains and inspirational art? Surely, Sivas is the most favorable place for such wonderful experiences. Sivas is an industrial city located in broad valley of Kizilirmak, Turkey.

History of Sivas

The historical significance of Siva dates back to 1142 -1171 when it was the capital of the Danişmend Emirs. Moreover, during Seljuk rule, Sivas was an important urban center. In the middle ages, Sivas was a significant commercial center as it serves as a trade route between Persia and Baghdad.

Ataturk and Congress Museum

During 19th century, Turkey had to face a resolution to liberate the state from occupying forces. National congress adopted the resolution in 1919.

Atatürk and Congress Museum is the reflection of the place and event where the meeting occurred between the two parties. The Museum portrays the war of Liberation of 19th century and ethnographic pieces.

On the other hand, the Buruciye Madrasah, the Museum of Archaeology and Stone Works are must see sight of Sivas. These places display the finding from local digs and Islamic tombstones beautifully decorated.

The town also sells beautiful Sivas carpets and a well-deserved fine weaving. While the villages of Sivrialan and the Aşık Veysel Museum reflects the memories of the famous Turkish poet.

Mosques and Madrassahs in Sivas

Sivas is known for its awe-inspiring architecture. For instance the reflection of 13 century art is Ulu Mosque. Additionally, the thirteenth century architecture reflects through Danişmend Emirate and the Seljuk buildings. The most famous of them includes the 13th-century İzzeddin
Keykavus Şifahanesi, which serves as hospital and a medical school.

On the other hand, Gok Madrasah exists as one of the most beautifully decorated and sophisticated Madrasah. Other inspiring Madrasah of the area includes of the area includes the twin minarets of the Çifte Minare d Madrasah and the Buruciye Madrasah.

Dogs of the Galatians

Moving towards 68km south of Sivas, a place titled as Kangal is located. Knagal is famous as it is home of Turkey’s most famous dog breed called the “dog of the Galatians”. Furthermore this famous breed was brought in third century BC. These dogs are beautiful with golden hairs and have proved to be extremely loyal. The dogs have been serving in police and security agencies for years.

On the contrary, moving 12 km in the north from Kangal, lies the famous Balıklı Kaplıca spa with 36 degree- Celsius waters. This water contains significant chemicals including bicarbonate, calcium, and magnesium.

Identically, Sivas also offers opportunities for excellent winter sports, specifically at the center of Mount Yıldız.

Divrigi is another popular and historically significant place of Sivas. The place was capital Byzantine outpost during Turkish rule. The place is also representation of magnificent cultural heritages. The UNESCO’s World Heritage List includes the ‘The Ulu Mosque and Hospital of Divriği’ of Sivas Turkey.