August 19, 2019

Sivas The Sebastia City

Sivas Turkey

Turkey, a country popular for its geostrategic position, enriched with natural beauty, inspiring ethnographical museums and lively lifestyle. In the region of central Anatolia region lies a province of Sivas, famous for its historical significance and stunning natural beauty.

History of Sivas

The oldest known name of Sivas is ‘Sebastia’. The area represents the ancient civilization of Seljuk period. Moreover, the art, architecture and cultures reflect the traces of Seljuk period. Furthermore, the Sivas was basically the area where caravans passed. Due to this reason, the area became popular for trade during Seljuk period.

Famous Cuisine of Sivas

The most famous food of Sivas include Khinkali (Hambali), cutting the vaccine, Baviko, Cream Ply, wedding pilaf, Keller Dessert and Sulu Meatballs. The dishes such as Halva, buttermilk vaccine Embedding (Siro), stuffed intestines and Madımak lies popular among tourists. Similarly, the Göcel Closing, Sivas Kebab, Sivas Meatballs, Meat Bread are delicious dishes. On the other hand, the common agriculture products of the area are Wheat, Bean, Vetch, Sugar Beet, Rye, Lentil, Potato, Orange, Pomegranate, Grape, Tangerine, Apple and Pear.

Atatürk Congress and Aşık Veysel Museum

Ataturk and congress museum is the most historical place of Sivas. Atatürk and Congress Museum depicts the resolution for the liberation of Turkey adopted by national congress in 19th century.Furthermore, the Museum displays the war of Liberation of 19 th century and related ethnographical arts.

At the same time, the Museum of Archaeology and Aşık Veysel Museum and İnönü Museum represents the beautiful Turkish art pieces. Similarly, the Stone Works and the architecture of ancient buildings are the charming spot of Sivas. The museums of Sivas represent ancient civilizations and art pieces that attracts tourist all over the word.

Ulu Mosque

Ulu mosques is the most significant and inspiring mosques are must see sight of Sivas. The Sivas Ulu Cami, a historical mosque and constructed during Anatolian beylik Danishmendids time period. Furthermore, the Divrigi Ulu Mosque and Darussifa and Ahi emir Ahmed Tomb reckons as inspiring mosques of the province.

Şifaiye Madrassah

Şifaiye Medresesi, an ancient historical building that was built in 1217. Rûm Seljuk Sultan  Kaykaus I built these buildings which represents Seljuk reign. Furthermore, the building consists of a Darüşşifa (hospital) and a medrese where once medicinal studies were taught. Moreover the Buruciye Madrasa and Double Minaret Madrasa are the famous historical buildings of Sivas.

On the other hand, the Gökmedrese or Gök Medrese, a 13th-century medrese which is typically known as Sahibiye Medresesi. This madresesi served the purpose as an Islamic educational institution in Sivas.

Ziya Bey Library in Sivas

The Ziya Bey Library, built in 1908 and named after Ziya bey who managed all the expenses of the buildings until the death of the founder. The library was first founded by Yusuf Ziya Başara and started to serve in 1908. Similarly, in 1978 the buildings came under the management of Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Libraries and Publications. Furthermore, the upper floor serves as library while the first floor contains a Gallery of Fine Arts and a book store.

Famous Tourists Spots

Enriched with natural beauty and historical places, Sivas is famous for many other tourist spots. The Sheikh Hasan Bey Cupola, Yildiz Bridge, Curved Bridge and Behram Pasha Han counts among the most charming tourist spots of Sivas. Similarly, the Kursunlu Hamam, Tashan, Government House and Gendarmerie Building are popular for their historical significance and inspiring architecture.