July 19, 2019

Sinop a Natural Marina

Sinop Turkey

Sinop, a town in northern edge, coastline of Black sea of Turkey is popular for tourism all over the world. It is famous for its natural beauty, stunning sunset on beaches, its delicious food and museums. Historically, Sinop houses old museums, temples and mosques. At the same time, more than half of the city contains marvelous mountains that made Sinop famous among sky divers as well.

History of Sinop

Historically, Amazons famously known as warrior women community, inhabited Sinop. Furthermore, Sinop remained under rule of Hittie State, Anatolia. Since then the Hittites called this region Gas Gasgas. Similarly, historians discovered it in 7th century BC as civilization of Miletian colonists. At the same time, few famous Miletians rulers in Sinope were Phrygians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks. Additionally, after Miletians, Ottomans captured Sinop in 1461 BC. Also, after the death of Alexander, the Persians established the Pontus Kingdom in the region and successfully made Sinop the capital of the Pontus Kingdom.

Seljuk State conquered Sinop for the first time in 1085. Another significant event occurred in 1461 when Sinop joined the Ottoman lands and became the main naval base. Later with the proclamation of the Republic, Sinop, finally became a province.

Commercial Trade

At the beginning of 13 th century, the Pontus Greek Kingdom established in Trabzon and the Genoese and Venetians began to settle on the Black Sea coast. Moreover, during this time period, the black sea had
become popular place for trade and brought significant commercial advantage. In 1214, a new door opened to this trade, as the Anatolian Seljuks, who tried the revival of commercial life in Anatolia. This lead to the new commercial trade across the black sea.

Marvelous Mountains and Lands

Sinop consists of a number of mountains, and most famous are Isfendiyar (Küre) Mountains. The most important river of the province is Gökırmak. On the contrary, the Sinop is also made up of plains and plateaus. The stunning natural beauty can also be witnessed on beaches and rivers. , Additionally, the most important river of the province is Gökırmak.

Even though the arable land is small but more than half of the local people of the area have agriculture as their way of income. Similarly, the economy is generally based on agriculture, fisheries, forestry, stock-breeding and agriculture. As more than half of the area is made up of mountains the area is mainly composed of hilly roads, transportation difficulties and lack of ports. Due to this reason, the industries can not fully develop in this area. As the local population depends on agriculture, the famous agricultural means includes pear, barley, pea, wheat, walnut, bean, chestnut, flax, cranberry, cherry, mahlut, corn, medlar, rice, sugar beet, tobacco.

Delicious Food of Sinop

Sinop is also famous for its delicious food specifically sea-food. The most famous and delicious food is fish. A variety of fish dishes are served in small and large fish restaurants in the area. Other famous dishes includes Passover dessert, Soaking, Dough with meat, Stuffed pan, Pumpkin shafts, Spoon sticker, Folding, Keck, Corn soup, Corn cake, Corn tarhan, Dot, Stewing, Leek with vinegar.

Famous Tourists Places

Sinop is naturally blessed for its beautiful mountains and archeological Museums. The inspiring mountains and museums are famous for their historical significance and stunning architecture. The most famous mosque is Alaeddin Mosque and Pervane Madrasa. Other famous places of Sinop includes Boyabat Castle, Erfelek Tatlica Waterfalls, Hamsilos Bay, Inceburun, Inalti Cave, Sinop Castle and Historical Prison.The districts of Sinop are Ayancık, Boyabat, Dikmen, Stationary, Erfelek, Gezde Saraydüzü and Türkeli.