July 22, 2019

Siirt a Home of Historical buildings, Caves and Tombs

Siirt Turkey

Travelling is an adventure that brings all the energy to our soul and happiness to our hearts. It would be injustice to your travelling experience if you visit turkey and neglect the beautiful city of Siirt. It is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Sairt, the oldest known name of the city while majority of the local population consists of Arabs. Siirt has neighbor provinces as Batman, Bitlis, Şırnak and Van provinces.


On the intersection of Anatolia and Mesopotamia, lies the beautiful city of Siirt. As the history of Siirt dates back to the time period of Hitties thus historians believe Hitties established this city first. Moreover, after the Hittites, the inhbaitents were Samis, then Babylons, Hurri Mitanni Kingdom and Assyrians lived in Siirt for years.

Siirt came under the rule of many empires in the history. The historical events begin with the domination of Roman Empire, Persian, Seljuk and Mongols. In 1514, with the victory of in Çaldıran War the region joined the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, under the leadership of Yavuz Sultan Selim Han, the city gained the status of province along the declaration of the Republic.

Caves and Mountains

Siirt is located in a mountains region and the climate is harsh. On the other hand, there are few plain areas or valleys, constructed along the river side. Due to mountainous region there are a number of caves that are both artistic and inspiring. Moreover, these caves includes Botan Caves and Siirt Caves.

Castle and Tombs

Siirt is also popular among tourists for castles and tombs. There are magnificent tombs and ancient castles here. The most beautiful tombs consist Tomb of Ibrahim Hakki, Sheikh Muhammed Kazim Tomb and Veysel Karani Tomb.

On the other hand, there are many castles on the south eastern side of Turkey representing ancient culture. Most of the Castles in Turkey were built in the Ancient and Medieval Times. Some of these castles are Finik Castle and Tillo Castle View Terrace.

Magnificent Mosques

As many other cities of Turkey, Siirt has awe-inspiring mosques reflecting the stunning ancient and Muslim architecture. Moreover, most famous mosque here is Ulu Mosque. Built in 1129, the mosque stands as the city’s landmark. Furthermore, the Ulu Mosque was built by the Great Seljuk Sultan Mahmut in 1129.

Other famous tourist’s spots are Saglarca (Billoris) Spa and Siirt Clock Tower, Karani Tomb.


Although Siirt is a mountainous region and forests are almost neglected. While the few plain areas produce few best qualities food items and local people are engaged in animal husbandry. Similarly, it is rich in the production of Barley, Almond, Wheat, Walnut, Lentil, Pomegranate, Chickpea, Rice, Siirt Peanut, Onion, Tobacco, Grape and Turmeric. Moreover, the land is very rich in mineral deposits and produces 4-5 tons of salt every year.

Famous Food

The delicious food of Siirt is a compliment to the natural beauty of the area. Bumbar, Buryan Kebab, Gebole, Giloruk, Girar, Gulik, Itruke, Ismeket Keldosh, Keshkek, Kitel, Curtain Rice, Pirtik, Tirit, Flour Halva and Zerfet are the famous dishes of the area.