June 25, 2019

Side Dream City of Turkey



Talk about heaven on earth and surely you would never miss the city of Side. It is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the whole world. The city of Side is like a dream city painted with the colors of enchantment and beauty. This helps in enhancing the beauty of this beautiful place.

This place has everything which a person could dream. It has all things from the glimmering sand to the amazing and cool water of the Mediterranean. This place is the perfect combination of modern advancements and ancient heritage.

Want to know the best part?

This city is considered to be a place where even the ruins look amazing enough to make them worth a visit. The interesting thing about these ancient ruins are the stories. These stories tie them together. Basically, the people of the Side worshipped Cybele and Men which were the former Gods of the people living there. After them, the people of Side started worshipping Athena and Apollo (the God of Moon) in the 5th century AD.

The statues in this place were carved in the remembrance of that memory. The temple of Apollo and the ancient theatre are also a place worth visiting. These places provide the people with a clear insight into the important events happened in the history of this place. The sacred churches were made in the 8th or 9th century for the people of this place.

Amazing Places to Visit in Side

This place is one of the greatest and most wondrous places in the world. If you are in love with the ancient history mixed with the modern time concept then this place is for you. This place is famous for its spectacular nightlife and restaurants. There are many famous places to see here but here are some amazing touristic spots.

Manavgat Waterfall

This place is also an amazing and beautiful place in every term. Who does not love a calming sight of a waterfall? This can be the best part of your trip. If you can then you can have a dip in the waterfall. This place comes in the trip of the Köprülü Canyon.

Köprülü Canyon

This place is definitely the best place where one can feel the magnificence of nature because of its grandeur. The Köprülü Canyon has a national park around it. You can visit this place and enjoy the wonders of nature in a true sense. The tall rocky places along with a safari trip can be great for your trip. You can also get pictures and souvenirs.

Side, The Portrait of Dreams

This city is a popular tourist attraction for its famous and ancient Main Gate. There are great pillars after great city walls which look magnificent. They also have a fountain flowing in front of the whole place. The water of this fountain comes from the Manavgat River. This is because the river flows near the Foutain of the Main Gate. This place also comes in the territory of the empire of Alexander The Great.

Want to know an amazing fact?

The famous Museum of Side is located just before the Amphitheater. It is said to be built on the old Roman Baths. The amazing place contains loads of artifacts which link it to Roman history and dating back to 5th century. Apart from the main entrance, there are three other rooms too. One of the room contains minor artifacts and the other one has skeletal remains in it. The third room contains some greenish spots. This allows us to conclude that the water from the natural springs is still permeating with the structure walls.

So if you planning for a trip and want it to be the best experience of your lifetime then visit Side in Turkey. It is really the portrait of dreams and a place worth visiting.