August 22, 2019


Samsun Turkey

The port city of Samsun lies in the black sea region of Turkey. From Amazons to Ottoman Empire in 15 th century, Samsun has been home to many civilizations. This city witnessed many empires for decades until 19th century. The state finally changed and governed in the reign of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. Enriched with historical buildings while surrounded with two magnificent rivers and beauteous beaches, Samsun hosts hundreds of tourists all over the year.

History of Samsun

Samsun, previously named Samson, is among the metropolitan cities of the region. Samson has dwelled civilizations from Amazons to the Ottoman Empire in 15 th century. Furthermore, the city has witnessed the rule of kingdom Potnus, Romans, Byzantines and Seljuk. During 15th century, the Ottoman empire replaced Seljuks, and later Mustafa kamal Ataturk supersede Seljuks. Thus Samsun has been home to many civilizations, cultures and religious belief. The diversity vividly reflects in tourist sites specifically the ancient buildings, castles, temples and museums.

Famous Dishes

Along with stunning natural beauty and historical significance, Samsun serves delicious food. The food is finest and fresh with variety of ingredients. Moreover, the most famous local dishes are Anchovy Bread, Anchovy Rice (Province Rice), Kale Soup, Keskek, Kocakarı Choker (Burma) and Lentil Bulgur Rice. Furthermore, the mouth –watering taste of Corn Soup, Pita, Bagels, Tir (Goose Dough), Ground Beet (Summer Beet) and Yoghurt Soup absolutely pleases the tourists.

Emir Mirza Bey Tomb:

The Emir Mirza Bey is popular tomb situated in the village of Türbe in Samsun. The tomb is purest representation of Seljuk style and architecture. At the same time, the buildings are composed of sharp dome and the door is beautiful. It is said that the tomb has been constructed by Emir Mirza, who was a ruler of area Bafra 600 years ago.

Mosques in Samsun

Enriched with stunning natural beauty and alluring historical sites, Samsun has various beautiful mosques. The Kale Mosque, Pazar Mosque, Tayyar Pasha Mosque and Babasâ Baba Mosque are the most famous and beautiful mosques of the city. Moreover, the Hacı Hâtun Mosque and Yali Mosque represent best Muslim architecture. The other historical and inspiring mosques of the city are Grand Mosque (Valıide Cami), Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Ahmed Paşa Madrasa. Similarly, there are many other mosques situated in many streets of the city. The mosques are clean, inspiring and beautifully made by professional architects.

Historical Sites

There are many historical buildings in Samsun. The most famous is Clock Tower. The tower is famous for its historical significance and beautiful architecture. Furthermore, the Amisos Ruins and Sheikh Seyyid Kutbiddin, Mosque and Tomb are other historical alluring site for tourists. As Samsun has been home to many civilizations, the traces can be found in the places like Amisos Ruins. Similarly, many ancient worship areas still lies preserved even after decades. Especially the mosques that have been made years ago are still well preserved and served many local and international tourists.