July 15, 2019

Pergamon Historical and Cultural Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage List

Pergamon was present in the UNESCO World Heritage List of 2014. Usually, this place is among the random settlements that have constant multiple ruins and invasions over many times. But, it was full again on the qualities of its calculated position. The early history of Pergamon states back to the second millennia BC.

Alexander the Great

The city continued the control in Persia as well as invasion of Alexander the Great. The best part of its history presented about 150 years ago. It is the time when it was considered the capital of during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC.

During the Roman period, Pergamon maintained its importance and developed the most superb and famous city of Asia Minor, as stated by the 1st century AD philosopher and Pliny the Elder, author.

City of Firsts: Pergamon

Almost one million people visit Pergamon every year. Also, they visit the ruins of the old city Pergamon which has seen multiple firsts in history. The most essential of these was the first ever use of parchment. 

For the history of humanity, the script creation has been a great invention. And, the development of parchment was important as it made the medium, making it stable and quick recording of scripts.

Open Air Museum

Mainly, the ruins of the old Pergamon, which usually include all the social and religious structures, are in the Acropolis. The most important of these involve the ruins of Pergamon Library, which was among the world’s largest in the region. It had a collection of 200 thousand scripts. It has a theatre of almost ten thousand seats where viewers enjoyed in the Pergamon Valley.

The Zeus Altar or the Base of Great Altar of Pergamon could be checked in Acropolis. Hence, the whole structure of the Altar was transported and pulled apart to Germany. And, it is present on display in Berlin.

Pergamon for Nature Lovers

Along with the cultural and historic tradition, Pergamon also includes the amazing natural beauty. Along the route to Kozak Plateau, trekking can be done through the pine forests.

Usually, it covers the mountain range of Kozak between Ayvalik and Bergama, spotted with the rural and ruin lands. Also, it provides chances for photo treks.

How to Go?

In short, Pergamon is almost a hundred kilometers to Izmir. Izmir is the largest city of Turkey present at the coast of the Aegean Sea. Moreover, the Adnan Menderes Airport has scheduled and there are multiple links to all the main airports of Europe. For most updates, keep visiting our website.