February 10, 2020

Peninsula Korucam


Introduction of Peninsula:

Peninsula is basically the region whose borders are majorly covered by water with the least interaction with land but this cannot be categorized as an island, due to the reason that one of the sides of such reason is connected to the mainland. Korucam Peninsula is also under the De facto control of northern Cyprus. This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity.

De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury. This region is located at the western end of Kyrenia. Majorly consisting of lush green hills and vegetated areas by the local inhabitants. This region is also famously known due to the history of the region which can be traced back to almost a thousand years.


This main road from the coastal side of the region moves towards civilization. Moving southeast from the region of Sadrazamkoy. Before entering the village, one passes in front of a chapel famous in the region. This chapel is named as the “Chapel of the Virgin”. Moving further southeast, one enters the glorious city of Korucam. This city faces the famous Gulf of Morfou. This region accommodates a sum total of 1100 individuals in it in the year 1960. This then declined to almost 150 individuals in the area with mostly elderly citizens with a handful of children. These children were thought by the nun of a nearby chapel about the religion. While the primary school was there to provide them with basic education.

A priest also resides in the region which governs the chapel, which can be visited any time of the year by simply applying for a visit to the building. This region does not have a number of resources for their living. Yet the individuals living the regions is hospitable and provides the tourists with the warmest welcome one can expect. Moving in the streets of the region, you may be welcomed in the un-maintained houses for a chat if you know even a little Greek. These hosts will not only give the best company but will also serve the guests with all they have in their limited sources.

South and East of Korucam Peninsula:

Camlibel is located on the southern end of the main city at the end of the high road. This is once a small town inhabited by the Greeks but is now an army depot of the Turkish Forces. This change occurred in the year 1974. The road to the area is open for all, however, the entry to the depot is restricted by the Turkish forces for the common citizens. Moving towards the west side of the region one may reach the Akdeniz. This region was excavated in the year 1929 by the Greek Cypriots. However this region, just like a number of other important regions is now under the control of Turkish forces.

After entering the village, one of the most attractive buildings for tourists is the mosque. Moving west from the mosque and moving left on the dirt track for about 5 kilometers will lead to the beach. This beach is smaller in size as compared to other beaches in the neighboring areas.

Moving from the city of Camlibel towards the city of Karpas. Moving on this path, one will reach the eastern edge of the village which has the famous Maronite Church present there. This church is not open to the tourists on regular days. If one wants to visit a particular building. It is only possible on the Friday mass. This region has no primary school as the teacher was forced to leave this area in the year 1980.

The Pigadhes sanctuary:

The Pigadhes sanctuary can be reached by moving on the main road towards the north Nicosia. Once you sense the starting of the region of Mesarya which can be marked by the presence of a number of corn fields present in the adjacent areas. Moving around 2 kilometers from the junction which leads to the city of Camlibel, one reaches a paved and rough patch. This patch leads to the Pigadhes sanctuary after continuing for about 500 meters. This Pigadhes sanctuary is open for the visit of all the tourists and has an unlocked door. Enter this Pigadhes sanctuary, the most prominent structure to be found is alter of masonry. Other than this, one can also find a number of other important artifacts in the building which attracts the tourists due to their historical importance.

An alternative route to Kyrenia:

One can also reach the city of Kyrenia from the region by moving north from the region. Moving across the Kozan, Selvili Dag. One has to move about 500 meters from the region which leads to the starting point which marks the city of Kyrenia.

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Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Kormakitis

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