February 16, 2020

Ozanköy (Kazafani)

Ozankoy Kazafani

Welcome to Ozanköy :

Kazafani is the name of a small village which is also known as Ozanköy in the Turkish language. This village is located in the Kyrenia District in Cyprus. Kyrenia is the city which is situated on the northern coast of Cyprus and is famous for the historical harbor and the castle which is situated in the middle of this particular city. This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

This region had a population of about 4,357 according to the older census. However, with the passage of time, this population might have increased yet this village cannot be classified as a city due to the smaller size and area covered by this village.

An Agricultural Village:

This village is more of an agricultural village. With most of the income being generated by either the citrus products or the copper products being made. The raw material for the copper products is obtained from the copper mines nearby. And citrus products are being made in such an abundant amount. Due to the favorable weather conditions of the area. Other than these, one can also find the olive gardens as well. As some silk products being made in the region by the inhabitants of the area.

This state was hence an agricultural state which was built around another state of Casal Pifini. Which was feudal in administrative nature. This village is mostly built on the mountains was inhabited by the individuals of Kyrenia castles. Who were forced to leave their houses by the Turkish forces. Some of these individuals moved back but the other stayed there and inhabited the region. The region is famous for the monastery situated in the middle of the village. This monastery is also known to us as “Monastery of Cozzafani”. An important route of this village which was made by the crusaders. It is still intact and is named “Crusader Path”.

Sports in Ozanköy:

This was not renovated during the times in order to keep the artifact in its original shape as made by these crusaders. Some other important things about the village being the Turkish Cypiotic Ozanköy Sports Complex. It is made especially for the inhabitants as well as the tourists. To keep themselves fit even during the vacations. This village also has its own football association named as the Cyprus Turkey football association.

Tourism in Ozanköy:

In order to visit the particular area, one has to move from Kyrenia, Eastward in direction one will notice two of the most beautiful of the settlements. These settlements can be reached from the coastal highway by a secondary road. These settlements are usually visited by tourists. Due to the attractive sites and the mountainous range which gives the perfect weather to these tourists. During the evening with a glimpse of the sun setting in these mountains along with the breeze of cold. But comfortable wind removing all the sweat in the summer season. At night these resorts provide their tourists with the opportunity to spend time under the open sky. Enjoying a glimpse of billions of stars out there in dark nights without any polluted air.

Ozanköy was basically a mixture of the two major states being the Turkish invaders as well the Greek Cypriots which moved to these mountains after the invasion of these neighboring areas. There was famous for the carob syrup being provided to the inhabitants and the olive oil made by the individuals living in the area is famous and is mostly transported to the neighboring villages for household use.


The only considerable restaurant of the area is named as Erol’s, right which is situated approximately in the center of this particular village, this restaurant only provides its visitors with supper and nothing else having a limited menu to be offered to these visitors, serving these individuals with meze and a main course costing each individual about £7 per person.

Adjacent to this particular restaurant one can see the most famous market of this village named as Kaya Market, this market has the specialty that one can buy a bottle of harup pekmezi which is one of the specialties of the region made by the inhabitants of the area (carob syrup) for about £1.50. Along with this one can also acquire a number of things from this market. Things such as the best quality oatmeal or this oatmeal which is baked into muffins, these muffins are the freshest ones that can be acquired in the region and can also be given to friends and family as the most authentic North Cypriot souvenir.

This village also had a faded-frescoed medieval church of Panayia Potamitissa. This church was later converted into a village mosque due to the limited financial support and a high majority of the Muslims in the area. This action was implemented.

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