July 11, 2019

Our Top Ten Places To Find Food In Fethiye

The beautiful port city of Fethiye lies on southwestern Turquoise coast of Turkey. The mesmerizing blue waters, natural harbor, and ancient rock tombs are worth seeing. It is indeed one of the most visited places in turkey.

The fourth century B.C Tomb of Amyntas is likewise in this city. It gives a breathtaking view like carved into a bluff overlooking the city. Thus it attracts a large number of tourists as well as natives.

As far as the city offers lots of tourist attractions, you can’t wander around without food. And when it comes to Turkish food one cannot resist. Thus there is good news for all the Fethiye fans or someone who is planning to have a trip there anytime soon. This city has many places where you can bless your taste buds with some real Turkish cuisine. we are going to give you an easy guide to the food you can enjoy in Fethiye and make it a memorable one.

Here are a few of the spots you can visit and appreciate the food:

Balik Pazari of Fethiye

The famous Fishmarket is a favorite spot for tourists. This bazaar is jam-packed with food points, night outs and lunch spot for locals. This place is best known for the traveler to go there for lunch or supper. If you aren’t a fan of seafood, you still won’t starve.

You can orchestrate meat or vegetable dishes and have a glorious dinner. The environment will, in any case, be brimming with dynamic vibes.

Old Town Fish Market

The fish market takes up a gigantic domain of a market square that was once on the edges of the old town. Fethiye fish market is not far from the port but now falsehoods got a handle on by the rest of the city.

The focal point of the market has the fish backs off. Set around the kervansaray dividers, inside the encased locale are the restaurants. In the wake of picking your fish, octopus, prawns, lobster, or whatever.

You tell the fishmonger what course you should need to eat it. Fileted or whole, stripped, shelled or cut, executed. They will clean the catch and pass on it to your bistro’s culinary master in the manner you pick.

Cezayirli Usta Döner

If you want to enjoy authentic Turk taste, this place offers a lot of variety. From fresh and healthy kebabs to the sweet corn, the place offers a large variety.

The savory döner kebab is actually mined meat cooked on a rotisserie. Adana kebab, Köfte Ekmek, and Iskender kebab are a few of the dishes.

If you want to bless your taste buds with some seafood, you only have to buy the fish of your choice. The chefs will cook it for you as per required. Furthermore, they can also make balık ekmek.

Vegetarian can opt the boiled or grilled sweet corn. Also, they offer gözleme. These are pancakes, made right before your eyes.

Mozaik Bahçe

The Mozaik Bahçe (Mosaic Garden) eatery practices only in dishes from southeast Turkey. The menu’s affected by the rich and different mosaic culture of the Hatay area.

Likewise, its recorded association with Ottoman, Arabic, Armenian and French cooking. Depicted as a little desert garden, the Mozaik Bahçe is in the center of Fethiye town. The engineering helps to remember a pretty greenhouse. Alongside handcrafted mosaic lights for decoration.

It offers an assortment including the Mediterranean, Turkish, and Middle Eastern. The sustenance here is halal and there are possibilities for veggie lovers. Which is indeed every veg lover’s dream.

Şövalye Island

Take a water taxi ride and in no time you will be on this island. There are no roads for any sort of vehicles. It offers guests the experience of investing some private time on the island. Şövalye is home to the greatest homes in the zone.

They offer a romantic setting. The rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of Fethiye Çaliş Beach and Red Island.

The famous Ada Restaurant and Beach Club. Here you can unwind, eat and drink by day or by night.

The restaurant offers a complimentary boat service. Collecting you from the Şat Peninsula it drops you at Ada’s private harbor.

You can enjoy your meal there along with the mesmerizing sight. If you want to bless your eyes with Turkish sunset, this is the spot.

Çaliş Beach

Çaliş is a standout amongst the most well-known traveler zone of Fethiye. Shoreline side is brimming with pleasant cafés, bars, and lodgings.

From conventional Turkish kebabs to Mexican chicken and a decent piece of steak. And veggie lover alternatives are by far said to be the absolute best in Fethiye.

Barbella Restaurant standout amongst the best on the shoreline resort side of Fethiye. It’s situated on the primary street through Çaliş.

The little road with neighborhood shops winds up bright in summer evenings. The zone is brimming with private estates and properties on lease for occasions.

As with the vast majority of the cafés on the vacationer trail, the menu is huge, shifted and estimated.

Fethiye Tours Sunset Moonlight Cruise

 Fethiye Bay brings to the table from the deck of your own special boat. An awesome Turkish grill cooked before your very eyes. And we are sure this is something you cannot resist.

Fethiye Tours offer a fabulous night trip. It enables you to appreciate the awesome Mediterranean coastline of Turkey. Imagine having such a view from the ocean, encompassed by dazzling islands.

The captains cook amazing food for you under the stars.  As you look at Fethiye by night before coming back to the city for a nightcap at one of the energetic bars on the marina.

So whenever you visit Fethiye, keep these food points on your list. These places will allow you to relish the true taste of the country. You can thank us later.