August 12, 2019

Osmaniye The Forests Capital of Turkey


Osmaniye, the forest capital of Turkey and famous for its natural beauty is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Moreover, it is consists of ancient castles and buildings that compliments the natural beauty of city. Osmaniye is also home for the intersection of Natural Gas and Oil pipelines.

Karatepe-Aslantaş Open-Air Museum

One of the historical places in Osmaniye is Karatepe-Aslantaş Open-Air Museum. The place is famous for its historical lion sculptures of stone. The museum is located inside the historical national park. At the same time, both the park and museum are wonderful places of Osmaniye with great historical importance.

Aslandağ Historical National Park

The most famous tourist spot is Aslandağ Historical National Park of Osmaniye. The park is famous for its stunning beauty and its historical significance. Moreover, there is Karatepe- Aslantas museum near the park that was the site inhabited for almost 4000 years. Furthermore, the Hittites Empire was first established in the area while during 800 BC the area was governed by King Assatiwada. The most interesting and amazing ruins are the lion sculptures at the border gates between Karatepe and Aslantas. Also, the park is best for tents, camping and caravans. The park can be explored by travelers in a thoughtful silence to understand the ancient civilizations of Hittite.

Toprakkale Castle

Toprakkale Castle is famous as Toprakkale Kalesi in local area and lies on a hill near a village Osmaniye. This castle is a magnificent representation of ancient culture and can provoke the appreciation of charm of old civilization. In addition, the castle is located 65 meters high, almost symmetrical mound. The castle composes an outcrop of dark basalt and the accumulated debris of many ancient civilizations that probably dates back to 2nd millennium B.C.

Historical Places in Osmaniye

Osmaniye is famous among tourists for its forests and its historical significance. There are many historical buildings, museums and castles in the city that are famous for tourism. The most famous historical sites of the city are Bodrumkale-Kastabala City, Kaypak (Savranda) Castle and Karatepe – Aslantaş Late Hittite Castle.

Famous Food of Osmaniye

Due to the delicious food of the city, a great number of tourists visit Osmaniye every year. The most famous dishes include Leaf Wrap, Baslama, Cabbage Wrap, Meat Soup, Rib Stuffed, Curd, Zorkun Pan, Chicken Filling, Squeezing, Truffle, Thimble Soup, Stuffed Zucchini Flower and Maluta. Moreover, you will fall in love with the taste of Spinach Roasting, Hand Pickled, Kete, Pirpirim Soup, Pickle, Pirpirim Shallow, Sour Soup, Toğga, Süllüm, Soup with Pebbles, Sitting, Tattooed Yoghurt Soup, Tarhana Soup and Bayram Kömbesi. Furthermore, if you are a lover of sweet dishes, you have found the right place as Osmaniye has variety of sweets and deserts. Most famous sweet sidhes includes Yoghurt Dessert, Ring Dessert Osmaniye Pistachio Burma Dessert, Oily Honey, Karakuş Dessert, Kadife Dessert, Pumpkin Dessert Bici, Asida Dessert, Apple Dessert, Yellow Burma Dessert, Osmaniye Bagu, Karakus Dessert, Yoghurt Kömbe, Fig Dessert, Osmaniye Pistachio and Semolina Dessert.

At the same time, the famous drinks of Osmaniye include Licorice Root Sherbet, Churned Buttermilk, Rose Sherbet and Blackberry Syrup.  As most of the land is fertile, Osmaniye is rich in agriculture and flora. The city produces excellent quality of Olive, Wheat, Cotton, Soybean, Peanut and Egyptian.