July 2, 2019

Ordu The Land of Hazelnut and Beauty

Are you tired of hectic routine and daily work? Then travel. Not to escape life but to fall in love with it all over again. Therefore, which place can be more beautiful then Ordu present in central Anatolia region of Turkey. Ordu is located near black sea and surrounded by mountains enriched with seaside towns and beaches. However, Ordu is also popular for churches, museums and Golden hazelnut festival.

History of Ordu

The history of Ordu dates back to the 7th century BC and one of the most popular town is “Ünye”. It is famous for fishing and delicious food. Especially, sea snails found in the restaurants of coastal town “Yalıköy” of Fatsa District are very popular. Similarly, another highly recommended place n Unye is beautiful Camlik beach.

Furthermore, one of the most historical church is Byzantine Jason Church, located 22km away from Unye. Nevertheless, the place is highly admirable for tourists due to churches and museums.

Boztep and Ethnography Museum

Ordu is also popular for Boztepe hills and ethnography museum due to its splendid beauty. Boztepe hills are famous for the breathtaking view of city 450m above sea level. Besides the natural beauty, the place has quite luxurious cafes and restaurants. Moreover, the hills provide excellent services for paragliding.

Nonetheless, ancient civilization also complements this natural beauty. The ancient architecture of neighboring towns like Aziziye, Selimiye, Zafer-i- Milli, Tasbasi and Saray can be seen through the top of hill.

The Tasbasi cultural center also reflects the ancient civilization. The Orthodox Christian locals built it as a church in 1853 . However, today it remain open for public and seminars, theater plays and conferences. On the other hand, the Güzelyalı beach, the Osman Paşa Ablution and Fountain are worth visiting.

Mountains and Plateaus in Ordu

Ordu is also a home to plateaus. Çambaşı Plateau is located 58km on south side 1850m offering inspiring views on mountains. The enchanting Keyfalan Plateau is at a height of around 2000m. The plateu is vey popular among national and international tourists.


Ordu is famous all over the world due to its delicious hazelnut production. The hazelnut festival occurs every September. It offers delicious food and specifically chocolate hazel-nut. Hazelnut is also served at different occasions like weddings and parties. Besides fishing and agriculture, hazelnut production is also a way of income for locals.