July 2, 2019

Niğde A Town of Magnificent Natural Beauty

Some destinations give us memories, memories that surpass all our expectations and make us believe in magic. One of the best examples is Niğde, a magnificent place set in central Anatolia region of Turkey. With the touch of ancient civilization and fabulous architecture, its history dates back to 7000 BC. On the other hand, volcanic peaks surround the town. Likewise, Niğde also serves as trade route from Anatolia to Mediterranean.

History of Niğde

According to the monuments of Hittites and Assyrians, the former lived in Niğde for thousand years since 1800 BC. The valley also reflects the buildings made in Mongol rule. For instance, Sungur Bey Mosque and the Hüdavend Hatun Mausoleum reflect the era.

Niğde located in the heart of turkey witnesses many fights for the rule in the past decades. The town was rule by Hattis, Hittites, Galatians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans all fought for their sovereignty. The classical architecture of Seljuk era highly dominates the Aladdin Mosque, built in 1223. Archaeology Museum(Akmedrese) built in 15th century, is an example of Seljuk architecture.

Beside the mosques and museums, a church and Byzantine monastery is located 10km away from town is Eskigümüş. Whereas,  frescoes of church and monastery are best preserved here since 10th and 11th century.

Aladağlar National Park

The most popular place of is Aladağlar (Ala Mountains) National Park, lies 50 km in the southeast of Niğde. This valley is inspiring for nature lovers, as it has splendid lakes, hills and mountains. The national park and Bolkar Mountainsis ideal for mountain climbing, tracking and relaxing. Furthermore, a breathtaking lake enriched with fairy chimneys and rock-cut dwelling, sites 80 km away from Niğde.

On the other hand, the Archaeological Museums are of exceptional interest to the tourists. This part of central Anatolia is popular for tourism, due the features of natural beauty. Along with natural beauty Niğde is historically renowned place.