December 11, 2019

Muhammed Ömür Akkor

Omur Akkor

It is impossible to talk about Turkish Cuisine without referring to the great personality of Muhammed Ömür Akkor. The Turks are proud of him as his book was named as best book in world’s most prestigious cookbook competition called as Gourmand World Cookbook in 2009. Muhammed Ömür Akkor was born in 1975 in Kilis. He persuaded his degree in Economics at Uludağ University. Moreover, for 5 years he recorded food in the districts and villages of Bursa.

It took him just 6 months to organize these recipes and he further prepared a book titled as ‘Bursa Cuisine’. It is first of its kind of book that that laid the 500-year-old food culture of Bursa on the table. In March 2009, the book was published. This boo k includes 140 recipes that have been published for the first time in the history in world culinary literature. Muhammed Ömür Akkors book is also famous as “Noble Cookbook” and ‘Seljuk Cuisine’.

Works of Ömür Akkor

Muhammed Ömür Akkor’s book is not only famous in Turkey but in many parts of Europe as well as Asia. At the same time, he was successful in participating in many other competitions and has produced great work in order to further contribute in the field of food. His famous work includes Bursa Cuisine 2009, the Seljuk Cuisine 2012, Present Egg Recipes from the Ottoman Empire in 2012, from the kitchen Fine Fragrance Coming 2013 – Turkey’s first braille alphabet for visually impaired cookbook, Anatolia Ancient Tastes 2013, Life Incandescent Food Travels Toamasina Login Vol.1 Healthy Sugar Free Desserts 2014, Practical Recipes from Turkish Cuisine 2014, Alafranga Egg Recipes 2014 and Ottoman Cuisine 2014.


Turkish cuisine is actually a culture

Omur Akkor has inspired people by highlighting the fact that “Turkish cuisine is not merely a food, it’s a beautiful culture. From Central Asia to the Balkans, Turkish cuisine is a favorite and famous food everywhere. Moreover, Bursa also has inspiring culinary cultures and customs. The recipes are provided in a detail way and according to the event. For instance, you will know what dishes are served in during holidays, deaths, weddings and births and so on. Similarly the book also describes in detail which dishes should be made at different festivals and feasts.

On the other hand, the book laid the recipes that are 20-500 years ago and are forgotten by people while including daily Bursa cuisine. Another magnificent feature of the book is that 120 of the 140 recipes contained in the book have not been previously available in Turkish culinary literature. In addition to these recipes, the topics such as Bursa cuisine in the Ottoman legislation, ancient traditions and Bursa cuisine in travel books are also included.

As in the past decades, the meals were moved to the palace kitchen and thus on one was able to access them. People believed that this food belonged to palace and easily forgot that due to which the recipes have transferred ear to ear. There has never been any recoded history or book about these recipes. You would love to know that Bursa Cusine explained all these recipes in detail very effectively.

That is why Ömür Akkor introduced Bursa food culture to the world and has received many awards all over the world.


‘Seljuk Cuisine’ book ‘Cook books took

The Bursa Cuisine book was also titled as Nobeli’nin sondevir March 8, 2013
Moreover, the forgotten dishes and culture of Bursa can be located in world’s first research Ömür
Akkor’un work.
Muhammad Ömür Akkor was awarded Mutfak Best Kitchen History Book of the World ödül
award during his participation in Gourmand Cookbook Awards. The book is also known as eli
Nobel Cookbook Yemek.

The book is also called as world-leading work as it successfully surpassed those from America,
France, Mexico and Spain while including special recipes from the Seljuk period. Ömür Akkor
has reached to these recipes by a constant hard work and long research.

‘Sımsarmak’tan’ hassetten lokma’ya, ‘soguk chicken, ‘herise’ye and other 80 recipes of the book
are both the story and the recipes that are truly applied to a different palate with a taste that
makes you fall in love while offering a short journey to the Seljuk period.

It is important to note that this inspiring book includes 6 soups, 16 snacks, 25 banquets, 18
desserts, and 16 sherbet and beverage recipes from the Seljuk period while discussing a short
story of that period.