June 25, 2019

Mersin Pearl of the Mediterranean

If you are tired and need to escape from the hustle of life, Mersin is the best place to get lost in the beauty of nature. Fresh and clean waters, breathtaking views of beaches and charismatic inlets define the sheer beauty of Mersin. The wonderful city lies on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The naturally irrigated city lies in front of the Taurus Mountain. Furthermore, it is the largest seaport of Turkey hence it stands as an important hub in Turkey’s economy.

History of Mersin

According to the historians, mankind inhibits this coast since 9 millennium BC. Formerly, the city has been under the rule of many regimes and civilizations. It has been a home to Hitties, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Lagids and Seleucids. The city bore the name as “Zephyrium” until 1920s. After releasing this city from French and British rule in 1921, the two provinces; Mersin and Icel conjoined to form one province. Later, the name of the province changed to Myrsine after an aromatic plant found in the region.

The Pearl of the Mediterranean also holds a significant geographical location. The port of Mersin is Turkey’s largest port and plays an important role in import and export. During American Civil War, this port became a major trade center due to abundant supply of cotton. Moreover, Mersin exported cotton, cakes, sesame seeds, cottonseeds, livestock and coal before World War I.

It has fertile lands that produce cottonseed oil, citrus fruits and bananas. The fertile Cukurova stand as the most fertile land in the world where three harvests can be taken in a year. Cukurova is also the second richest producer of flora in world.

Eternal beauty of Mersin

Mersin is a home to mind-blowing caves, beaches and bays. Kizkalesi is one of the famous tourist point to visit in Mersin. A beautiful county and a castle situated on a small island resides 50km southwest to the city. Another interesting factor is legend of Kizkalesi. The tale is of a father who tries to save his daughter from snake poison and built a castle where no snake could reach. Unfortunately, a snake hidden in grapes basket poisons the princess and causes her death. Tourists enjoy the legend as well as the beauty of the castle.

Along the bay-side, fish restaurants lead to a small fishing county Narlikuyu, Mersin. The county has many delicious fish serving restaurants and is famous for its unusual underground cool and fresh water streams. Furthermore, Three Graces, a Roman Mosaic found near Cennet(Heaven) cave amazes its guests. This ancient bath was designed to use the underground water of Cennet cave. The portrait of the Zeus’s three daughters is also present on the floor.

In the distance lies a deep cave, full of ceramics and calcium carbonate work known as Narlikuyu cave. The magnificent designs on stairs were carved by the Romans. Nonetheless, the humidity present in the caveapparently heals all sort of respiratory disorders.


Mersin beholds some awe-inspiring bays and beaches. Ovacik is a fascinating, broad and peaceful beach in the west of Tasucu. It is an ideal place for diving and has mesmerizing scenes. The peninsula of Ovacik, lined by cliffs offers its visitors some breath-taking views.

A bit further, Bozyazi, another spectacular beach situated 36km west of Aydincik district. It serves as a splendid camping site to spend your best leisure time.

Another exciting place in Mersin is county of Anamur. The county is surrounded by mountains and have banana plantations