July 24, 2019

Kilis a Town of Rustic Ancient Beauty

In the Southeastern side of Anatolia, lies the provincial center Kilis of Turkey. Kilis, the city that is famous for its historical background, ancient buildings and magnificent mosques. It is also famous for inspiring architecture, delicious food and phenomenon natural beauty.


Kilis is famous for its significant historical background. It has been under the rule of many empires Aleppo kingdom, Hittite Empire, the Seleucids, the British and French’s for centuries. At the same time, after entering the town of Gaziantep it became part of republic of Turkey. Similarly, it was recognized in 1995 and is adjacent to Syria.

Inspiring Mosques

Kilis has many inspiring mosques, reflecting beautiful architecture. The most famous of them is Ulu Mosque that was built in 1334. The entire building is made-up of stone and has rectangular plane. The mosque is the reflection of ancient civilization and architecture. Moreover, the mosque in 1334 was built by Abdullah Bin Haci Halil. Beside this, there are many small and large mosques in the town, each representation of ancient beautiful architecture and culture.

On the other hand, Akcurun Mosque is famous mosque of the Kilis for its historical significance. Furthermore, Seyyide Fatma built this mosque in 1334. It also said that the mosque has Mameluke features. At the same time, Hacı Derviş Mosque is another popular mosque in Kilis. The mosque and its domes are entirely made of stone. Other beautiful mosques of Kilis include Alacalı Mosque, Ali Çavuş Mosque, Cüneyne Mosque, Şeyh Süveden Mosque (Hacı Özbek Mosque) and Murtaza Ağa Mosque. Also Mehmet Pasha Mosque Minaret, Kadı Mosque (Kara Kadı Mosque), Hindioğlu Mosque, Pirlioğlu Mosque, Zeytinli Mosque, Şeyh Hilal Mosque (Şeyh Ahmet Mosque) and Tabakhane Mosque attracts tourists due to their beauty.

Famous Tourists Spots in Kilis

Kilis is the centre of Anatolia and is rich in tourist spots. From magnificent mosques to ancient buildings, and from beautiful fountains to Historical buildings, Kilis provides breath-taking view.

Famous tourist’s spots of the area include the beautiful fountains such as Küçük Çarşı Fountain, Hafaf Fountain, Pirlioğlu Fountain, Haşcı Fountain, Ayönü Fountain and Salih Ağa Fountain. While other popular fountains of Kilis are Küçük Çarşı Fountain, Hafaf Fountain, Pirlioğlu Fountain, Haşırcı Fountain, Ayönü Fountain, Salih Ağa Fountain, Çarşı Fountain, Hafaf Fountain, Pirlioğlu Fountain, Haşırcı Fountain, Ayönü Fountain and Salih Ağa Fountain.

On the other hand, tourists love to visit places like Mevlevihane, Sheikh Efendi Tekke, Şurahbil Zaviye, Baytazzade Inn, Andibendioğlu ali Efendi Inn, Vehhab Efendi caravanserai, Bath of Calkanlı, Bath, Old Bath, Hasanbey Bath, İpşir Paşa Kasteli and Akcurun Kasteli.

At the same time, we cannot neglect the beauty of Küçük Çarşı Kasteli, İspir Paşa Kasteli, Ayınönü Kasteli Turkish Bath Kasteli,Hasanbey Bath, İpşir Paşa Kasteli, Akcurun Kasteli,Küçük Çarşı Kasteli, İspir Paşa Kasteli, Ayınönü Kasteli, Kurdağa Kasteli, Eski HamameliHasanbey Bath, İpşir Paşa Kasteli, Akcurun Kasteli, Küçük Çarşı Kasteli, İspir Paşa Kasteli, Ayınönü Kasteli, Kurdağa Kasteli and Eski Hamameli.

Another beautiful place of kilis is Kili Museum. The Museum represents the ancient city that catches the eye of visitors due to its magical architecture and historical tissue.

Production of food items in Kilis

The economy of the town is based on agriculture, Viticulture and olive cultivation. Moreover, the area is famous for the production of a number of quality food items. These include Olive, Barley, Grapes, Pistachios and Wheat.

Famous dishes

Enriched with natural beauty and magnificent buildings, the delicious food of Kilis is a complement for tourists. Similarly, the famous dishes are Miyoma Halva, Şıhılmılgın, Kilis Pan, Pan Katmeri, Kilis Kebab, Oruk Kebab, Molasses Halva and Hayhayla, Semolina Halva with Cheese. At the same time, you would fall in love with the taste of some other dishes as Katmer, Gerebiç, Keskek, Muşagerli Dolma, Lentil Patties, Forty Samsek, Kilis Paste, Kunefe, Anise Kahke, Burma Dessert, Züngül, Slurry, Kübbırılviyye, Sour Malhıtta, Oruk, Lebeniye, and Head Trotters. On many small restaurants and hotels of the town, the provides tasty dishes such as Mortar Vaccination, Kilis Inner Layer, Meglube, Elanasic, Ruffle, Digestion, Shrub, Tickle, Mixed Yahni, Öcce (Mücver) and Bread Vaccine.

Famous Madrassas

Although there are many inspiring mosques in the area but Madrasa have their own beauty. Most famous Madrasas include Ömer Ağa Madrasa, Küre Madrasa, Şeyh Şemün Madrasa, Servili Madrasa and Sheikh Ayvad Madrasa. Moreover, most of these are small and large buildings made-up of stones and serves as teaching institutes as well as tourist attractive spots.

On the other hand, there are many historical buildings and tombs in Kilis. They attracts tourist all over the world. The most famous tombs include Sheikh Ahmed and Sheikh Mohammed, Tomb of Sheikh Mohammed Bahaeddin and Muhammad Shahabeddin, Tomb of Sheikh Mansur,Tomb of Bekir Dede, Tomb of Sheikh Muhammad Ansari, Tomb of Sheikh Muhammad Bedevi and Tomb of Semun Nebi. These tombs are the reflection of awe-inspiring beauty and each has their own historical significance.