August 8, 2019

Kastamonu The Land of Tombs


In the black sea region of Turkey, lies a beautiful city known as Kastamonu. The city is popular among tourists and is crowded with tourists throughout the year. The major reason of the city’s popularity is it’s among tourists its fun canyons and wide coast. Moreover, the tombs, mosques and architecture represent history, especially Ottoman Empire.

Famous Cuisine of Kastamonu

The most famous dishes of this beautiful city are Kastamonu Style Tirit, Cırık Dessert, Kastamonu Halva, Sour Rice, Yogurt Soup, Bagels Tiridi, Honey Güllaç, Potato Trotters, Pumpkin Trotters, Beet Meal, Banduma and Meaty Bread.

Dishes such as Pull Halva, Pilaf Rice, Kastamonu Bandum (Islama), İnebolu Meat Bread, Trotters,Cranberry Tarkana Soup are delicious. Many highly recommended dishes are Burma Donut, Stuffed Bread with Meat, Bagel Tiridi, Lokma, Caba Güveci, Slave Pulp, Tarhana Soup, Tirit, Bandum and Pilavur Bulgur Stuffed Leeks.

Moreover, there are several agricultural products in city such as Garlic, Rice, Wheat, Apple, Sugar and Beet. Furthermore, the fishing is rich and famous among tourists in coastal districts.

The Town of Tombs

Kastamonu has many tombs after the name of historical and religious figures. Furthermore, most famous tombs include Muzaffereddin Gazi Tomb, Sheikh Ahmet Tomb, Adil Bey Tomb, Cemaleddin Ef. And Kargas and Hatun Sultan Tomb, bdurrezzak Tomb, Açıkbas Sultan Tomb, Ali Asgar Efendi Tomb and Bayrakli Sultan Tomb. Moreover, Benli, Cevkani, Dai Sultan, Dede Sultan, Kalekapı Rock , Doğanlar, Urgancı and Aşı Efendi Han count among worth visiting tombs.

Mausoleums in Kastamonu

There are many Mausoleum that witnesses the history of the city. Since, the city has been home to many civilizations and you will see the reflection of many ages in art, architecture and culture of Kastamonu. Many ancient products preserved in mausoleums represent Saljuks, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. The highly recommended mausoleums include Geyikli Sultan, Hacı Hamza, Admira Efendi, Isa Dede, Molla Said, and Seyfi Dede Mausoleums. Most famous of these are Sukuti Sultan Mausoleum, Mausoleum of Sheikh Mustafa Efendi (Piskuri Zade), Tarakli Sultan Mausoleum and Topcuoglu Mausoleum.

Famous Tourists Spots

There are many other famous spots in the area, despite of stunning natural beauty and historical sites. In additional,The most popular places for tourism are Kastamonu Castle, Zımbıllı Tepe Mound (Pompeipolis), İsmail Bey Complex, Deve Inn, Gökçeağaç Inn, Aşı Efendi Han and Burn Khan.