January 29, 2020

Karaoglanoglu In The West Of Kyrenia

Introduction of Karaoglanoglu:

The oldest well-established region is located in the west of Kyrenia near the coast of North Cyprus. Karaoglanoglu is famous for the historical background in the sense that this was the location where the Turkish forces laid their ground in the year 1974. Even the city has been named after one of the Turkish army generals which were killed here on the shore. This region is packed with a large number of the grotesque monument which is largely constructed using cement and some artifacts can be visibly noticed here which marks the location of these as that of the west of Kyrenia.

Another famous thing which can be found here is the museum named as “Peace and Freedom Museum”. This museum is largely filled with the old Greek military vehicle which is displayed for the tourist in the open air rather than under a building for a much more realistic touch.

Yavuz Cikarma:

The beach adjacent to the area is now known as Yavuz Cikarma this name was however different during the British times and the beach was famously known as “Five-Mile Beach”. This new name of the beach was recommended due to the rocky look of the shore as well as the restaurant present there. However, the older name was due to the large offshore rocks present on the beach, which explains the name.

Accommodation for Tourists:

For the tourists, this region has two most affordable options in the form of accommodation with both the hotels having the most beautiful view of the beach, with the staff and the hotel owners serving the tourists with fluent English language for better communication. One of them is named The Top Set Hotel Bungalows which is a cheap and colorful restaurant that offers the individuals with cheap rates with a lot of services such as a pool, self-catering services, and vintage styled living rooms. On the other hand, the second restaurant is named “Riviera Bungalows and Mocamp” this restaurant is better built than the one explained above having a larger pool for the individuals.

Restaurants in Karaoglanoglu:

Karaoglanoglu offers a number of choices for the individuals visiting the region in the form of restaurants. These offers vary from the Cypriot kebabs to the Pakistani cuisine. While offering all these dishes at the most suitable prices for the visitors.

The Address:

One of the most famous of this restaurant is named as “the address” is present on the shore. It is being currently run by the ex-manager of Nazi’s. And is well known for the quality of food being served here to the individuals. The most famous dish of the restaurant is the kebab being served here along with a handsome quantity of maze. And the most shocking thing about this restaurant being that all this amount and quality of food can be availed in just a sum total of 5.

Another plus point of this restaurant being that only be adding a total of 50p to the bill you can get access to the sweet tooth trolley. And can have unlimited sweet dishes from there. This restaurant doesn’t only serve desi food but one can also have a continental menu. Or fishes being served there or even the platter especially for the not meat-eaters.

Altmkaya 1:

Another famous restaurant serving in the area is named as “Altmkaya 1”. This restaurant can be found on the north side of the highway. While moving toward the extreme west side of the city. It is named after the beach which is adjacent to the restaurant. And is quite famous for the local food being served there. And hence is more famous among the local individuals resident in the city rather than the tourists or the visitors. Altmkaya 1 is open 24/7 for the individuals with no booking required and the person can easily have a full meal along with drinks in a total of 6.


Dunya is another restaurant which is situated 300 meters on the west of the junction. And is located again on the north side of the road. This restaurant is smaller in size but is really famous among the individuals living on the island. Along with the tourists coming to visit the location. There is a fixed price for the menu that is 6.5 per person. And the person once paid can have as much amount of food as he or she likes. Including a maze, homemade sausages, meatballs, quail and drinks.


Olgun is located about 50 meters up the Karaman road situated on the left of the road. This restaurant again is famous for the kebab and meze combination being served there to the customers. It is famous for the competition winning meze formula and meat grills which is quite famous among the individuals. And also serves the individuals with a complimentary fruit platter and brandy as a starter. All this is in the total budget of about 8.


Planter is one of the many restaurants found inland on the island for the tourists. Located on the west side of the highway. This restaurant is famous for the Pakistani food being served there along with the European food that can be availed there. All these can be availed in only an amount of 9 euros.

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