January 29, 2020

Karaman On The Kyrenia Hills

Welcome to Karaman:

Karaman is famous for the scattered houses in the vicinity. These houses are arranged in an irregular fashion making a web-like structure. That makes the most of the town and makes it much different from the other villages on the Kyrenia hills. This village is famously known by the tourists by the name of Karmi. Which has a Greek origin but the location has another name. It was quite famous in the past, especially during the early 1970s.

History of Karaman:

This region was named as Bohemian outpost. However, this post was abandoned during the 1974 war and afterward, this place was designated for the tourists. And their visits due to the historical importance of the location. This decision of converting the place into a tourist spot was made in the year 1982. This act of converting the place into a tourist spot was given to the Europeans. Along with more than 100 other buildings with a contract spanning on about 25 years. All the expenses in order for the renovation were given by the tenants along with the yearly rent of living in the location. This renovation was proven much more efficient than the others in progress alongside in much of a social experiment. And how the place got the attraction of hundreds of tourists towards itself.

From 1982 to 1995 this place caught the attraction of hundreds of tourists and increasing the headcount day by day. However, in the year 1995, the major fire spread in the region caused a visible decline in the headcount of these tourists along with the number of restaurant operational decline day and day and a number of cottages available for lease increasing day by day was a matter of concern for the inhabitants of the area.

Life in Karaman:

The villagers, however, availed much of importance due to the importance of the location. These individuals enjoyed the perks being given as same to almost those of formal British MPs. They were a strong supporter of the North’s position and how they have held their position among others was a matter of shock. Those people being raised from almost none as their ancestors lived in an area of deserts. This was a stronghold was explained above which was heavily damaged in the war of 1974.

A number of foreigners saw this as an opportunity to utilize this area. Due to the location of Karaman as well as the historical importance of the location. Right after the destruction of the location in the year 1974, most of the foreigners saw this location as a peace settlement at a low price. And lease available for long term settlements other saw this region as a tour stop to the south and a tourism spot. Similarly, the water quality of the North also played an important role in attracting the number of individuals towards the area.


Any tourist which have reached the area on Sunday between the time period of 10:30 am and 01:00 pm, all the individuals are advised to visit the old church of the area. The location where all the residents assemble from the abandoned churches of the area. This event is named as icon collection. Another famous visiting place of the area is the Bronze Age chamber tombs. These tombs are located in Hilarion Village with a sign pointing towards the tombs.

In case you are one of the tourists which are in Karaman for a short period of time and not here during the time period of March or November, these months are not preferred as the north-facing settings during these months are either too dank or too sunless that one will not be able to enjoy the view. However, this needs to be booked before time by the Karmi services center which manages this restaurant for leases providing services 24/7.


In case you are to compromise on the quality then just east and down of the Karmi, you can find the Hilarion Village. These offer the tourist with two different types of bungalows based on the budgets of these individuals. These bungalows are equipped with the basic necessities of life, providing the residents with kitchen, bathtubs, swimming pools and two-bedroom villas which seems suitable for the family of four individuals. These resident bungalows range from about 150 -250 for studios and four individuals based villas. With the day rate of about 18-22  per person.

Background of Karaman Residents:

Here in the village, there are two different sorts of individuals having different historical backgrounds. These were the Greek Cypriots or the northern authorities. Despite the difference in both these sets of individuals they still welcome the individuals from outside to visit their area and have a good time. Starting a club named as Crow’s Nested Pub in order to provide the tourists with a midrange pub grub. This club also provides the individuals with Jean Clark’s postcards which are the best ones found in the neighboring areas. The most famous area for having food in the area is the Treasure or the Hilarion Village. Both these locations are explained below. These are the two out of the six restaurants available in the area which serve the individual’s food which has survived the changes in the sea and has survived these changes.

Internal link: https://turkish.co.uk/karaman-on-the-k…nia-hills-cyprus/

Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karaman


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