February 14, 2020

Karakum Beach Kyrenia


On the eastern side of the sea, one of the beaches which are worth talking about is the beach of Karakum. 

Welcome to Karakum Beach:


Comparing with the developed coast of the West in the region of Kyrenia with the coast found in the east. It can be proved that the coast in the east is usually undeveloped. And mostly deserted hence not a very good place to be visited by the tourists. Villages that are built here are preferred to be located inland. In order to keep these areas safe from the reach of pirates moving on these shores. Yet, these beaches being the rocky beaches are one of the finest beaches. One can find in the area which is usually quite vacant during the summer seasons. Providing a great opportunity for those who want some quiet time in their life. Away from all other individuals. These beaches are the perfect place for such individuals.

De facto:

This beach is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

Location of Karakum Beach:

On the eastern side of the sea, one of the beaches which are worth talking about is the beach of Karakum. This beach can be reached by traveling on the side road, located opposite to the inland and making a turn towards the courtyard Inn. Moving further another right turn is required in order to reach the main beach, which is made once the initial rocky surface of this beach start.

Courtyard Inn:

Courtyard Inn is one of the oldest restaurants in the area, which provides the customers with International cuisine. One can get dishes linked to almost every subcontinent. This restaurant is an old restaurant is serving the same menu for a long period of time. Lately, this restaurant has been bought by Mohammad, the person has been trying to change the menu and spicing things up in the menu with majorly the Pakistani Dishes there. Although the menu is being changed to the Pakistan style menu there are still other specialties of the restaurant such as the English style breakfast and lunch which is served here on weekends for the individuals who like more of an elegant food in their life. This restaurant has only four rooms which can be rented from them on the basis of B&B.

Paradise Restaurant:

Another noticeable restaurant in the area is named as the paradise restaurant this restaurant is also not far away from the Courtyard Inn. Moving east in about halfway to the Catalkoy, one will see a seaward driveway. This driveway leads to the restaurant of Paradise moving almost a hundred meters. The name although exaggerates the view, however, the restaurant is built poolside and is being run by Ahmet Dervish and his family. The menu of this restaurant is not based on a single country but they provide their customers with a number of different options but majorly consisting of different items being made with meze, also serving their customers with vegetarian items to be served to these individuals.

Famous Food Items:

Items that are majorly being served in the region of Molehiya such as spinach, helim, beans, eggplants and a number of other dishes which are largely being made by bumbar also known to the outside world as skinny sausages. The restaurant also serves its customers with fresh fishes along with meze. This whole thing costing the individual only about 6. Adjacent to the building bungalows is being built by the person named Son Mustafa. These bungalows are being built for the purpose of providing the tourists with the place to live majorly the bungalows are working on self-serving principals.

Tomb of Hazrat Omer

Moving east from the turning of Catalkoy, one can reach the tomb of Hazrat Omer. This tomb has been majorly been renovated since the year 1950s, in order to keep the religious building preserved for the upcoming generation and for the tourists. A number of Muslims travel across the globe just to visit this Tomb due to the religious linkage of Hazreti Omer in Islam. In order to reach this tomb, one has to follow the signposted on the coast road with the word Hazreti Omer Turbesi. This tomb is famous due to the fact that it is claimed to be the resting place of not one but seven warriors or holy men who have fought in Islamic times against the Islam enemies and were buried here. Hence the tomb can be date back to the almost seventh century.

Although the tomb itself was not built then there must be a local shrine here since then. This shrine must have been changed afterward into a Tomb by the local Muslims. The individuals who lived here around the tomb and took care of the building were killed by the Turkish forces in the year 1974. One can visit the tomb from 9-4 except on Fridays. One is not allowed to visit the interior but if agreed by the keeper, a glimpse of the interior of this building can be seen.

Internal link: https://turkish.co.uk/karakum-beach-kyrenia/

Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_beaches_in_Northern_Cyprus

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