February 8, 2020

Kaplica (Davlos)

Kaplica (Davlos)

Davlos is the name of a small village which is also known as Kaplica in the Turkish language. This village is located in the Kyrenia District in Cyprus. Kyrenia is the city which is situated on the northern coast of Cyprus and is famous for the historical harbor and the castle which is situated in the middle of this particular city. This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

This region had a population of about 389 according to the older census done in the year 2011. However, with the passage of time, this population might have increased yet this village cannot be classified as a city due to the smaller size and area covered by this village.

The Bay of Kaplica

The bay of Kaplica can be seen from the castle or the village of Kantara. Here one can gaze on the bays of Kaplica, which is famous for the beaches and developed coastline along with the number of restaurants present there for the visitors to enjoy their time there. In order to reach there from the Kantara region, one have to move back to the four-junction in the Kantara village. The main village where most of the inhabitants live is about a kilometer away from the main coastline of the village. This coastline is a fairly long stretch of sand and muddy land along with a number of rocks present there. This coastline contains a number of drink stalls that present the customers with a number of refreshing drinks in order to keep them cool during the summer seasons. This is also one of the specialties of the region.

One can also find an anchorage in the east along with a small fish fry stall that serves the freshest fried fishes to the tourists. Moving to the west about three kilometers in total one can also find another sandy patch there. This bay is, however, not suitable for having a swim neither it is worth visiting while being on the trip to Kyrenia. This region is overly explained for its beauty and the fresh stall, which in reality nothing like that. This bay is much more like the other bays present in Northern Cyprus.

Panayia Church:

Moving further to the west about twelve kilometers in total, one can reach the Panayia church which can be found on the boundary between the two famous cities of Famagusta and Kyrenia. This is also one of the Byzantine time churches available in the region, reflecting the architecture of the region during the Byzantine Era and the hardships seen by these buildings since then by the number of attacks done on the buildings by the invaders of the times. This church is located about 400 meters from the main road towards the inland region of the village. This building after being heavily damaged by the attacks from the invaders is now totally bricked in order to preserve the building from further damage and preserving the historical importance of the building.

Zafer Burnu:

From the city of Bogazi it is advised to move northeast in order to go on the most famous of the excursion. Moving in the direction one reaches the Zafer Burnu. The region provides the tourist with the two most private beaches of the time where one can spend quality time with the family. In order to reach the first one, one is advised to move southeast from the village and always turning towards the seaside when given the option of turning. In the end, there will be car parking, parking the vehicles there. Moving on foot, one has to cover a distance of about 400 meters on the muddy path. This path although rubbishy but leads to a much clear area on the coast.

For the other beach, one has to bypass the village and reach the Bafra. This path is short but is quite muddy. This path leads to the Pallora beach which is the second private beach as talked about earlier. Here one can also find a restaurant in order to have an economical meal and can also find rooms to spend a night in.

Beach of Kumyah:

If one wants to have a good swim, the beach of Kumyah is highly recommended for the purpose. In order to reach the following beach, one has to move east. Here one can find “Pelican”. This being a restaurant/camping mixture provides the tourists with the tools for camping purposes on the beach along with the catering services to the camps at night. This building also provides the individuals for the fishing port, built especially for the individuals who are here for the purpose of fishing and having a cold beer while relaxing on the chair.

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Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davlos

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