September 27, 2019

Turkey Is The Food Heaven!

Turkish The Food Heaven

Food is like heaven to most of the people around the globe. Usually, people love to eat fast foods and some are prone to try the traditional cuisines. It differs from person to person. Like that, fast food chains and outlets have sprout almost everywhere.

Burger bars, pizza parlors take huge advantage of our needs. They make a good profit by stuffing us with unhealthy food. It is only carbohydrates and sugar, along with processed stuff. But the Governments and agencies around the world are well aware of the effects these items put. These food products only cause obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart diseases.

Food in Turkey:

However it is quite opposite when it comes to Turkish cuisine. From the famous kebabs and kofte to the unique combination of soup and rice everything is healthy. You can never go wrong with food in Turkey. Famous for its rich taste and delicious blend of spices, Turkish food is every food lover’s dream. Along with the variety and taste you will notice that every region has its own significant culture and cuisine and hence famous for the specific dishes.

Homemade, a new trend!

Now that people are aware of the side-effects of junk, a new trend has started to settle around. People all over the world now tend to seek a decent homemade plate of food. With an increased demand for healthy food, homemade food has made its place in the market.

The city slickers are starting to look down on cheap food joints. The littler bistros, which plan new sustenance at a decent cost are a new thing. The pattern of healthy nourishment has turned into a fast developing style far and wide. Also, what else can be superior to cooking in your own kitchen? By utilizing nearby fixings, you can fix-up an extraordinary feast.

Spice of Eastern Turkey

One can notice the change in flavors. The Aegean coast ones somewhat have similarity to that of Greek. Then to the Middle East and as you move across Turkey. The food tends to get spicier.

Meat gets replaced with fishes. Flavors are one of the characterizing highlights of this locale. An aftereffect of its area on the previous zest and silk courses will be always there.

The eastern Turks love their meat. Sheep, beef, and poultry are all blended with vegetables. In some cases cooked over a wood fire after they are well spiced.

Hot pepper, paprika, mint, dried sumac are among few mainstream flavors here. These are often used in marinating meat, from offal to kebab.

Food of the Black Sea Region

The Black Sea area is Turkey’s culinary oddball. Many individuals partner Turkey with kebabs and tables brimming with meze. On the north shoreline, cooking gets comparable to that of the South American style. Rich seafood with a strong influence from nearby Balkan and Slavic cuisine tastes heavenly. The wet and windy climate is ideal for growing the area’s produce including tea, corn, and hazelnuts.

The dishes are straightforward, delicious and filling and home-cooked. Think cornbread, collard greens, and smoky bean stews and you are there!

The locale is popular for its moist and breezy atmosphere. It has demonstrated to be perfect for developing the region’s prestigious produce. Including tea, corn, and hazelnuts. Cornbread; served at the site of each feast and you will discover a sprinkle of hazelnuts. No regional meal would be complete without a special treat in this cuisine.

Hamsi is actually anchovies. The Black Sea is full of anchovies and hence these are almost in everything. Tiny, delicious Black Sea anchovies known as hamsi are among the region’s most renowned food. Even in the desserts too. These tiny fish are available at a very cheap rate. Either you make a stew with rice or bread filling, you will find these in your dish.

Hamsi Pilavi is another item of this cuisine. It’s made by enclosing spiced rice in fried anchovies. Apart from that, you can also try Mıhlama.

The Mediterranean and Aegean Kitchens

The Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines are quite beneficial than any place else in Turkey. It is due to the mutual culture of the area’s past with the Greeks. Generally it is all about sea food which is light in spices cooked olive oil. The Aegean coastline is one of Turkey’s most fertile regions, resulting in rich olive groves. The olive oils of this region are some of the best in the world. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs grow happily here and those that are pickled have their pickling juice enjoyed as a refreshing drink.

The environment is warm and dry, the dirt rich. It is a reasonable situation for developing veggies. Thus the domain is famous for its power of olives. Fragrant olive oil has turned into the base of most Aegean and Mediterranean dishes. Even utilized as a swap for margarine. Dishes called Zeytinyağlı signifying “with olive oil” are veggie lover meze dishes. These are famous here and very simple to make at home.

Zeytinyağlı Enginar is a dish of artichokes loaded up with cleaved vegetables. You could even make your own rendition of this delicious dish! While Zeytinyağlı Fasulye is a top choice, made with Romano beans and cooked with tomatoes and onions. How about Zeytinyağlı Barbunya? A flavorful and sound dish of pinto beans. Along with tomatoes, onion, garlic, and carrots. Like all other zeytinyağlı dishes, drenched in lashings of olive oil

Hummus is for sure well known and delightful when spread on bread. Particularly with a spot of acli ezme, a hot pepper paste. Also try Dolma, vegetable stuffed vine leaves. Or Patlican Salata, a flame-broiled eggplant serving of mixed greens.


To put it into a nutshell, the Turkish eating routine is one of the most beneficial on the planet. It is great in light of the fact that the Turks sure prefer to eat! Turks show a perfect lifestyle that we can follow up. It will only lead us to a better life and might make us health-conscious too.

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