January 17, 2020

Guzelyurt (Morfu) in North Cyprus

North Cyprus

Historic and Geographic Reference:

If you ask anyone about Guzelyurt and also called Morfu. They will surely tell you how much it means to Greek Cypriots and their history associated with it. Thus it is obvious that there are a lot of fail negotiations between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. Guzelyurt is most commonly known to the tourist with the name of Gelveri or Morfu. It is a small town situated in the region of Aksaray province present in the middle of Central Anatolia. This is located in North Cyprus at a distance of about 45 km away from the main city of Aksaray. Due to the limited size and living capacity of the city, the province occupies 16,836 individuals. While the city only provides shelter to 3,775 according to an older census. Hence the values have changed greatly over the years.

This whole district covers a total area of about 22 square kilometers. With an average elevation above the sea level of about 1,485 meters. Historically the location of this area is a part of the ancient region of Cappadocia. Which is situated near the famous valley of Ilhara.

Important Information:

This area was largely inhabited by the Christians and have a really special place for Christianity along with the famous Gregory of Nazianzus. Who lived in the area during his lifetime. This area was the hometown of large Cappadocian Greek inhabitants. They were then replaced by the Turks in the year 1924 after the great population exchange in which Turks moved from the cities of Thessaloniki and Kavala to settle in the city of Gelveri. By today one can still see the signs of Greek inhabitants in the area. In the shape of the monastery, churches, refuge caves, and mansions. It proves that there were Greeks inhabitants in a particular area at some point in time.


This city was not visited by several outsiders in the past. It can be proven as today the Greeks or the Turkish-Cypriot communities have a really different point of view from the individuals inhabiting the area. Although both these communities have been part of the area at some point. But by today they are far apart from these individuals due to lack of communication among these. The city which was once the main tourist spot has now lost most of the tourist infrastructure and the main port of Famagusta in North Cyprus. It was once the main point of attraction for the tourists. Not only these but the city also lost several valuable assets with the passage of time. Such as the Morfou plain which was abandoned by the individuals of the area.

Some other valuable assets lost by the city were the burgeoning citrus orchards, melon patches, and Strawberry fields. This proved a huge blow to the economy of the area due to the fact that all these were irrigated by the underground reserves. Hence the total expenditure was almost equal to none. After the loss of these assets, a number of individuals from the South asked to return these areas to them. It was for the betterment of the assets and for the betterment of the economy. At this point, almost ten percent of the population of the area individuals from North Cyprus inhabited the area.


This region majorly depends on the generation of this currency by the export of Citrus fruits and products which generates a dependable amount of money for the area in North Cyprus. Although the area is majorly depending upon these citrus products and the total amount of these products being generated is increasing day by day but still, the pathetic system of irrigation is making it much more difficult to cope with the foreign market and to stabilize the economy of this particular area. Turkish aid is being provided to the area in order to improve the system present in the east of Guzelyurt. This aid is provided in order to make the condition of the aquifers better, but the major problem still being seen is the increasing salinization of the water is obtained from wells of the area.


Just like in the past, Guzelyurt(Morfu) has a major market for attracting individuals from around the plain. However, this market serves a little to no interest to the tourists due to their products there. This market having the most famous of the restaurant situated in the middle of the market named Niyazi Sah Aile Gazinosu, which is present just south of the northerly roundabout which is present on the western end of the road. This restaurant is working seven days a week with serving the best dishes as a part of supper. This restaurant serves the most economical food in just £6-8 per person serving quail and the rare salted-lamb sausage served with a maze.

If an individual is to approach Guzelyurt also known as Morfu from the city of Kyrenia on the train, the individual is advised in order to keep an eye on a left alone track on the east side of the track. This track contains a historical a Baldwin locomotive made in Philadelphia in 1924. The specialty of this locomotive is that it is one of the two locomotives of the disappearing railway systems which was once operational across Menton and stopped working in the year 1951.

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