September 3, 2019



Travelling sets soul on fire and open mind for fantastic exposure with new lands, food, cultures, and civilizations. Gümüşhane is an alluring city with stunning natural beauty and magnificent mosques and parks. The stunning natural beauty of lakes, valleys and the greenery of the area enabled tourists to have a sensational experience to connect with nature. Moreover, the province became popular due to discovery of silver in the region during 18 th century. The province is an important trade point for centuries to Turkey and important due to located being on the historical Silk Road route.

Famous Dishes in Gümüşhane

The province has fascinating variety of dishes as well as the fertile land produces sweet and juicy apples. The delicious and excellent quality of mulberry, plum, vetch, belly apple, hacıhamza pear, pumpkin pear and cherry grow abundantly in the region. Moreover, the mahrani pear, lentil, potato and sugar beet produced in the province are of finest quality.

As for the dishes, the province has variety in taste and ingredients. The most famous dishes include Borani, Bread soak, Evelik Stuffed, Fetir pastry, Fetir soak, Ruffle soup, Gendum soup and Gendum Pilaf. At the same time, the mouth watering and delicious dishes as Golot, Cardol Stew,
Rice Soup, Kete, Kame, Roast, Pestil and Siron are best local dishes.

Historical Sites in Gümüşhane

Gümüşhane is a province of stunning natural beauty that varies from magnificent Artabel Lakes Nature Park to the beautiful Tomara Waterfall. Along with phenomenal natural beauty, the province is popular among tourists for its ancient buildings. For instance, the Çağırgan Baba Tomb, Kurtun Dam and Olucak (İmera) Monastery represents the ancient civilization and ancient culture. On the other hand, the Santa Ruins are another poplar historical site for tourists. The Santa Ruins lies on two valleys in Dumanlı Village of Yağmurdere district which is almost 80km from Gümüşhane city center.

Moreover, the Santa ruins consist of 7 quarters and more than 300 buildings that represent unique architecture. Furthermore, there are two ancient churches in Zurnacili Quarter and one in each of the remaining 6 quarters. On the other hand, the Sadak Ruins is another famous historical site of Gümüşhane province.

Artabel Lakes Nature Park

The Arbatel Lakes, situated 50km from Gumushane resides in the black sea region. The entire area of the park enriches stunning lakes and magnificent mountains which show wonderful natural beauty of the province. The region is excellent for trekking, picnics, tents, nature lovers and photography. Moreover, the rich collection of flora and fauna surrounded the lakes while giving an awe-inspiring view of natural beauty.

Inspiring Kazıkbeli Plateau and Zigana Mountain

The stunning natural beauty of Gümüşhane province is not limited to Arbatel Lakes. The Kazıkbeli Plateau, Zigana Mountain and Tomara Waterfalls present the breath-taking view of natural beauty in Turkey. Basically, the Zigana pass is a mountain pass situated on the  Pontic Mountains . Moreover, near Zigana Mountains a project to construct Zigana tunnel has been started recently. The Zigana village near Zigana Mountains is another place for tourist attraction.

Örümcek (Spider) Forest

Along with ancient waterfalls and mountains, Gumushane is also famous for its forests specifically the Orumcek Forest. The forest is located about fifty-five km to Gumushane City Center in the city of Kürtün. Moreover, the forest has the tallest and many dimensions for trees and spruce trees in Turkey, Caucasus and in Europe. Furthermore, this forest has been declared as “Nature Conservation Area” in 1998.

Karaca Cave in Gümüşhane

The Karaca cave is famous region of Gumushane for tourism. The karaca cave is a network of caves located near the town of Torul in Gümüşhane Province. Moreover, the important aspects of caves are its magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Furthermore, the cave is tourist attraction spot as it has high oxygen levels.