July 18, 2019

Göbeklitepe A Discovery that Changed the History

Göbeklitepe is the most important archaeological discovery of the 21st century. Dating back twelve thousand years, it is almost 7 thousand years older as compared to Stonehenge and 8 thousand years older as compared to pyramids. Moreover, it is older as compared to the human transition to the developed life. Hence, as compared to the broad view, it shows the revival of sacred beliefs earlier to the formation of the first cities. This place is also notable with the first terrazzo flooring and the reliefs of Neolithic Age and first statues. It was present in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018 on the basis of its involvement in the history of humans.

Göbeklitepe: Followed by the World

This place gained the attention of the world since the unearthing of monumental structures. Many documentaries produced and articles about it published. Usually, Göbeklitepe was the site where Eve and Adam settled after being expelled from the Garden of Eden. Usually, this place is shown where wheat was cultured for the very first time. Bible states that Adam was the first individual to cultivate the wheat after he was punished.

Unanswered Questions

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered by scientists. Who built the temples? How were those 60-ton stone pillars erected and carried? Why they covered up with a lot of earth and rock? What was the basic purpose for which they made? There are a lot of mysteries which will be resolved after further study.

Why Visit Göbeklitepe?

  • There is a very first temple in the world.
  • It is famous that it is a center of pilgrimage and faith during the Neolithic Age.
  • The premier three-dimensional illustrations carved into the stone are present there.
  • The archaeological discovery of Göbeklitepe altered the history of humans according to scientists.
  • It shows the presence of religious beliefs in addition to the establishment of the prime cities.
  • It is present in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

How to Go?

Göbeklitepe archaeological place is close to the village of Örencik. It is almost 15 kilometers to the northeast of Şanlıurfa. It is among the most magic cities of Turkey. Hence it is famous as the City of Prophets. There are multiple flights from Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara to the airport in Şanlıurfa. Hence, you can enjoy going there and see the archaeology of Şanlıurfa. For more updates, check out our website.