July 21, 2019

Giresun a Town of Magnificent Beauty

Giresun Turkey

If you are looking for new ideas, experience and inspiration then travel. Travelling helps to seek new passions, to explore new places and to have new experiences that set your soul on fire. Turkey lies among one of the best tourist place in the world. On the northern coast of Eastern Black sea lies a city called Giresun. Due to its stunning mountains, breath-taking streams, inspiring mosques and delicious food, it is one of the best place for tourism.

History of Giresun

Firstly, Ionian Colony built Giresun and named it as Kas Kaska. Moreover, during 6th century, it came under the Persian rule until the Potanic Greek dominated the area. Suleymen Bey conquered this city in 1397. Furthermore, the city was again conquered by Ottoman Empire in 1461.

Best Quality Hazelnut Production

Giresun is popular for hazelnut production that is exported to all other cities of Turkey. There are number of factories and developed industry for the business of Hazelnut. As the production of hazelnut is also one of the factors on which economy of the area depended. The other ways of income for the local people are agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. Especially in case of Hazelnut, the area is not only popular in Turkey but worldwide.

Delicious Food of Giresun

The famous dishes of the area are variety of soups including Çalıçilek Soup, Bean Soup, Nettle Soup and Mendek Soup. Other famous food of this area are, Bean Peel, Galdirik marinade, Görele Pide, Anchovy Rice, Corn Bread, Beet Roll and Sakarca. On the other hand, few dishes of cherry are also served. Most famous Cherry dishes are Cherry Roast and Cherry Salt that are famous among the local and international tourists.

Breath-taking Mountains and Clean Rivers

Giresun is mainly made-up of stunning mountains including Eastern Black Sea Mountains. These mountains are generally famous as Gir Giresun mountains burada.  There is very small land, but very fertile and best for agriculture. Beside, Hazelnut production, the city is also famous for the production of pears, barley, legumes, wheat, tomatoes, apples, beans, nuts, vetch, kale, cherry and corn.

The Giresun has fresh and clean rivers that attracts tourist. One of the most beautiful and important river of the city is Kelkit and Harşit Stream. Kelkit Stream coming out of Gümüşhane finally merges in Yeşilırmak. On the contrary, Harşit stream flows into the Black Sea from Tirebolu by entering Giresun, although both are coming out of Gumushane. The area is also famous for its flora and produces variety of vegetables.

Famous Tourists Spots

Gerisun is popular among tourist for its ancient castles and beautiful mosques. The beauty of ancient civilization reflects through Bedrama Castle and Andoz Castle. Apart from two castles, Giresun Castle, Kuşluhan Castle, Şebinkarahisar Castle and Tirebolu Castle also remain prominent in the tourist’s list. They are inspiring examples of ancient culture and architecture.

The breath-taking views of mosques are no less than a sensational and memorable experience. These mosques include Hacı Hüseyin Mosque and Kale Mosque. Also Gölyanı Plateau, Virgin Mary Monastery, Seyyid Vakkas Tomb and Fog Mountain Plateau are magnificent places to visit.

On the other hand, Giresun Museum is a very popular place for tourism. A historic basilica named Gogora Church, built in 18th century mesmerizes its guests. With the use of rectangular yellow and brown lime stones, the building holds a unique architecture. This building is a magnificent example of Architecture of Turkey. Another must see sight of Giresun is Giresun Atatürk House.