January 17, 2020

Gemikonagi (Karavostasi) in Cyprus

North Cpyrus


The Gemikonagi port which is also known to the world by the name of Karavostasi Port. It is present on the Morphou Bay around 17 kilometers in length adjacent to the namesake bay. This bay is present on the northern side of the island of Cyprus. And was one of the busiest ports in the past. Serving its purpose for the betterment of the economy of the country. This port was majorly being used for exporting the citrus products being generated by Lefka to the outside world. It especially includes the European and the Middle Eastern Countries. After the year 1930, however, this port shifted its purpose from exporting citrus to exporting Copper. Which was generated in the Lefka mines which started operating in the year 1930?


Several historians have talked about this particular port around Karavostasi while tracing the port back to ancient times. Turkish historian named Nazim Berratli has confirmed the following fact. However, the following port has been inactive for the last 28 years since the year 1992. This port is largely being controlled by the unofficial control of Northern Cyprus. While the major problem with the port being that it is not officially registered with the International Maritime Organization. It is also known as IMO.


Moving further after crossing the Ilhara Valley going through the Gelveri city, one will be reaching the famous bay of namesake. This bay will initially not seem a very much of an attractive place for the tourist due to the singly appearance. As a result of the fast winds blowing across the area. Such a condition will definitely not tempt a tourist to run to the water to have a swim. However, the condition is not the same for the whole bay. This gets better eventually as one moves along to the Gemikonagi.

Gemikonagi is a tourist hub and a special attraction to thousands of tourists all across the world due to the historical background and inactivity. Another major reason for the number of tourists is the location of this particular port which is west of Nicosia. Similarly, a number of individuals have also worked for increasing tourist attractions in the area. Such as the former head engineer of Halil bay which builds an arcaded Soli Inn in the site of the older Ottoman Kervansaray.

The Karavostasi Port:

There is a port around 17 km away from Gelveri city. This is known for the port which serves the purpose of transportation to the finished product of the mines which are present inland. These two areas separated from one another right after the war in the year 1974. Despite the fact of the separation in the year of 1974. These two areas are still working together for the export of Copper being produced by the Lefka mines inland.

As indicated this port has been nonfunctional from the year 1992 but the shipments to Turkish lands are still being loaded from the area. Jetties are loaded on the port till today. These jetties can very easily be used in order to export citrus fruits to shipments in order to export these products to faraway countries. However due to obstruction by the government in order to use this port and the Famagusta based civil servants which does not allow to load citrus fruits and products to shipments by these jetties.

Hence by today these products are being loaded and exported from a latter port which is costing the country an extra amount. But due to the government policies, these costs are being bared by these individuals living in the country and working with the citrus products.

Food and Restaurants:

A number of individuals stop here for a nice dinner with a good view along with the best dessert being available around the area cooked specially by the hands of Halil’s English wife named Joan. This restaurant serves its customers throughout the year. While in the term times this place is majorly the attraction for a number of students from different universities across the city of Karavostasi.

Another famous restaurant in Gemikonagi presents just west of Soli Inn specializes in Meze-Format food. It is named as Mardin Plaji Restaurant. This restaurant is a bit more expensive than the one explained earlier. Because of having the advantage of representing the true culture of Cypriot. Along with this the particular restaurant also have a better view. In the sense that it has an artificially strewn beach present on the premises of this restaurant. Moving to the east of this inn is the most colorful Karyagdi Hotel Bar. This Bar contains two yellow fridges having beers in it along with half a dozen shelves of booze.

Karyagdi Hotel Bar:

This bar has been decorated with the antique collection much more like an official ethnographic museum. These articles are collected and placed here by the Former miner’s union organizer named Mehmet Karyagdi. Lastly, the base of this place in Gemikonagi contains a Liman/CMC bar. This bar in Karavostasi is famous for the fish and chips being served there. Due to the location of the beach, a number of individuals are interested in having fish and chips, especially at night. Not only serving fish and chip are the specialties but this particular place also host a museum for the tourist.

Internal link: https://turkish.co.uk/gemikonagi-karavostasi-in-cyprus/

Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_of_Gemikona%C4%9F%C4%B1


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