June 26, 2019

Eskisehir A Blend of Old And New


The name Eskisehir virtually means that “Old City” in Turkish. So the town supported by the Phrygians in a minimum of one thousand BC. Though it calculable to recenter than 4000 years old.

So Several Phrygian artifacts and sculptures still found within the city’s archaeological deposit. Phrygians left significant marks during 9th century mainly in Yazlikaya which is known as their religious centre.

There’s conjointly a deposit of meerschaum stone, whose production remains still notable, accustomed create high-quality meerschaum pipes. Within the fourth century AD, the town moved regarding 10 metric linear unit northeast, from Karacahisar to Sehirhoyuk.


Many ancient geographers represented town joined of the foremost lovely in Anatolia.
So several cities in Anatolia, Christianity arrived once Constantine the nice legalized the faith within the Roman Empire.

Starting within the fourth century, records exist of bishops holding the workplace in Eskisehir.

The town called Dorylaeum in Greek therein amount. One amongst these bishops, Eusebius, heavily concerned in shaping the evolving dogma of the church.
It known as Sultanonu throughout Seljuk amount.

Culture of Eskisehir

Eskişehir an important in the Ottoman history, as its Karacahisar Castle is the first conquest of the Ottomans.

Almost all of Eskişehir’s counties are settlements which are rich in history and culture. Among these is Mihalıççık where Yunus Emre, the pioneer of Turkish poetry. A minstrel and philosopher born and the Yunus Emre Social Complex can be found here today. Sivrihisar, a significant

So settlement during the Roman and Byzantine periods. Certainly it is famous for artworks dating from the time of the Seljuk and Ottoman empires.

Sivrihisar is believed to be the birthplace of a world-famous philosopher named Nasreddin Hodja.

The county of Seyitgazi is well-known for the tomb of Seyyid Battal Gazi, a saintly figure and warrior.

Located in central Eskişehir is Odunpazarı, the area where the first city thought to be established.

Birth Festivities that square measure dedicated to Nasreddin Hoca, a humor master.

So the public thinker organized in Eskisehir each year within the last week of Gregorian calendar month.

A number of the attention-grabbing ancient websites within the province square measure Pessinus in Ballihisar village and mythical being site from the Phrygian amount.


It has old wooden houses which are hundreds of years old, many of which have been restored recently making the area a popular tourist destination.

Some of the buildings are now in use as boutique hotels, restaurants and museums and are the most marvellous examples of domestic architecture of the Ottoman period. A must-see for those who want to experience Odunpazarı.