September 17, 2019


Erzurum is a city in Eastern Anatolia and is the largest city in the region. The city’s first name comes from Armenian language meaning city of Karin. While under Arabs’ rule, Erzurum Kalikala derived from its original Armenian name. The Romans named it Theodosiopolis after the name of their emperor Theodosius. It got its present name, Erzurum, during the Seljuks regime.

The city, which started to develop in the Republican era, counts as the largest and most developed city in the region. Erzurum is located at the foot of Palandöken Mountain. Part of Erzurum lies in the Black Sea Region and considered as Turkey’s coldest and highest province of Erzurum. Although Erzurum lies among one of the most sun-exposed provinces since mountains surround the city creating a cooler weather. Since Erzurum is in a large plain, it becomes colorful in all seasons.


Being under the dominance of Armenians and Romans for many years, the region subsequently yielded to Umayyad rule. Armenians and Greeks recaptured the city in 949, when the Byzantine forces conquered the region. In 1071, the Seljuks took possession of the city after the decisive battle at Manzikert. Experiencing various wars and invasions, Russians captured the city in 1829 but returned to the Ottomans under the Treaty of Adrianople.

Famous Cuisine of Erzurum

The city is home to following dishes: Buttermilk vaccine (plateau soup), Burma dessert, Cag kebab, Civil cheese, Chet beet, Çortuti beet, Cast tray wire kadayif, Mallow, Stuffed sour, Noodle rice, Stuffed marinade, Corned curd, Gugul (with butter), Herle vaccine, Stuffed Kadayif, Cut soup, Lamb’s ear, Kete, Lavash, Pita bread, Pirpirim, Stuffed turnip, Sile, Tatar pastry, Butter water pastry.

Agricultural Products

The land’s economy is based on its agriculture, industry and animal husbandry. Erzurum is one of the most important trade centers of the region. Erzurum bears its name in cattle breeding, beekeeping and poultry. Besides, Oltu stone, which is an important source of trade and livelihood of Oltu district, is renowned throughout the country. 

Recently, interest in winter sports has increased and the Palandöken mountain has become a commercial center. Food, Chemical, Petroleum, Textile, Machinery industries have developed. Furthermore, Pear, Barley, Sunflower, Quince, Wheat, Walnut, Rye, Apple, Plum, Vetch, Apricot, Cranberry, Cherry, Sainfoin, Lentil, Beet, and Sour Cherry are some of its agricultural produce.

Famous Historical Places in Erzurum

The place is significant regarding its historical places. They include Aziziye Bastion, Bakirci Mosque, Caferiye Mosque, Double Minaret Mosque, Cobandede Bridge, Erzurum Houses, Erzurum Castle, Hasankale, Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, Ispir Castle, Kursunlu Mosque, Lalapasa Mosque, Virgin Mary Church, Muratpasa Mosque, Oltu Castle, Rüstempaşa Bedesteni (Taştan), Tortum Castle, Ulu Mosque, Three Domes, and Yusuf Ziya Mansion.

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