June 25, 2019

Erzurum The pearl of eastern Turkey

Erzurum is one of the most historical cities to have hosted many ancient civilizations. So Erzurum is located on the Silk Road as a city of residential area for centuries. Therefore it is a favorite getaway for local and foreign tourists. Especially in the winter season. Occupying an important place in the history of the Republic of Turkey. So the city made critical decisions prior to the Turkish War of Independence. Erzurum is the pearl of eastern Turkey. So it is located at eastern Anatolia. Therefore Erzurum is a heaven for winter-enthusiasts, Becuase of its mountains covered in thick snow throughout the season. As well as historical buildings inherited from various civilizations and rich cuisine featuring delicious dairy products, meat and sweets

Historical Places

The historical places of the city are too numerous to count. Erzurum referred to as the city of mosques and madrasas. The historical mosques in Erzurum built in the period of the Saltukids, the Ilkhanates of the Mongol Empire and the Ottomans. The building I admire most is the Erzurum Grand Mosque. Apart from that, Erzurum Castle, Yakutiye Madrasa and Rüstempasa Caravanserai are some of the best sightseeing locations. So the Clock Tower situated at the highest point of the city center. With its architectural features, it is the oldest Seljuk minaret. Historical Erzurum homes are some of the special places that witnessed the recent history of the city. The neighborhood of these historical homes are just like a paradise for those who fancy taking photos. Erzurum Bastations are the military structures built to defend Erzurum against the enemy in Ottoman-Russian war between 1877 and 1878.

Tourist Attractions

The most preferred location in the city, the district of Palandöken. With all its majesty, is very popular for its sports facilities.particularly seen during the University Games in 2011 held here. Therefore, successfully hosting a number of foreign athletes. So Palandöken impresses everyone with its nature, as well as its international standards. Endemic plants nearby waterfalls and lakes attract the attention of visitors even in winter. Holding the title for having the longest ski track in Turkey, Palandöken offers local and foreign tourists a true skiing experience. The summit of the 3,000-meter-high mountain bears the name of Büyük Ejder (The Great Dragon).

Things to try and do in Erzurum

Ataturk House repository  – utilized in ten itineraries

Yakutiye Medresesi  – utilized in twenty six itineraries

Archeological repository  – utilized in nine itineraries

Lala Mustafa authority house of God  – utilized in eleven itineraries

Food of Erzurum

As for the food of Erzurum, we again come across a rich Anatolian cuisine. Curd cheese and sheep cheese, consumed at breakfast and after almost every meal even a little, is very famous in the region. So to know Turkish cuisine. Ayran Meal (Yayla Soup), herle meal, kesme soup and paça soup are some of the famous foods specific to central Erzurum and villages. Therefore, Cağ kebab, which became one of the symbols of the city, is another popular taste. It is made by slicing the beef cooked in wood fire horizontally and spitting the pieces on a skewer. Kuymak, butter cheese halva, curd stuffing and stir fried lamb’s ear are some of other outstanding tastes. As for the desserts, the “kadayıf” stuffing is absolutely fantastic. And “burma” dessert is another well-known taste.