August 3, 2019

Erzincan The City of Thermal Springs


Erzincan is an awe-inspiring city located in the Upper Euphrates Section of the Eastern Anatolia Region. The city is famous for its historical significance and its beautiful tourist spots. The city is made-up of stunning mountains, magnificent mosques and beautiful ancient churches.


Erzincan has been home to many civilizations for centuries. Moreover, the region is located on the historical Silk Road. Due to its geographical position and had witnessed many rules and migrations. The history of Erzincan city dates back to the times of Urartian rule. Specifically, the Silk Road and south-southwest, east-west route location is so significant and has hosted many civilizations. Later, as the Urartians rule ended, the city was ruled by the Hittites, Medes, Persians, Macedonians and Romans.

At the same time, the Ottoman Empire joined the sovereignty in 1401. Later, in 1915, the Sarıkamış War between the Russian Ottoman army and the Russian Caucasian army in World War I stared that advanced from Anatolia to Erzincan. As a result of this battle, On July 2, 1916, the Russian army ruled the Erzincan. They ruled until 1918 when military army under the command of Kazım Karabekir rescued Erzincan from the Armenian forces.

Delicious Cuisine of Erzincan

The most tasty dishes of Erzincan are  Quince Kalyesi, Babikko, Boranı, Çökelek Pazazı, Mulberry Molasses, Erzincan Soup, Erzincan Turkish Delight and Grape Leaf Wrap with Meat. Similarly, the Stuffed Marrow, Gasefe, Sizal, Nettle Vaccine, Rice Rice, Kaygana, Kelecoş, Kemah Tiri, Keskek, Kete and Chard Pickle Roasting are delicious dishes. Moreover, Pirpirim Vaccine, Burmese Burma and Siron, False Dumplings (Gıllor) are also popular among tourists.

The city is made-up of meadows and pastures while cultivated land is more than forest land. The industry is not developed and economy is generally based on agriculture and animal husbandry. There are many fruits and vegetables that are produced in the city via agricultural activities. The production of Pear, Barley, Almond, Wheat, Rye, Tomato, Mulberry, Apple, Bean, Vetch, Carrot, Apricot, Cabbage, Potato, Grape and Turmeric is common in Erzincan.

Stunning Natural Beauty

Erzincan is the town of stunning natural beauty that varies from magnificent mountains to mesmerizing waterfalls. The most famous mountains are Munzur Mountains. Furthermore, the Munzur range straddles both the Tunceli and Erzincan provincese. Those who loves climbing can climb the mountains from the south begin their trek at Ovacik in the middle of the Munzur mountains. Furthermore, through this the Climbers can be entering from this point can reach the highest summits of the Munzur. The Erzincan roads move along with the banks of the Munzur valley. At the same time, a national park lying in front of the mountains attract tourists due to fresh and breath-taking scenery.

On the other hand, 29km away in southeast of Erzincan is located Girlevik Waterfall. Moreover, not only Erzincan city but Girlevik Waterfall also lies among one of Turkey’s most beautiful waterfalls.

At the same time, Ekşisu Thermal Spring is another beautiful place of Erzincan. The emergence of geothermal heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust is a breath-taking scene.

Beside the Ekşisu Thermal spring, Ekşisu Erzincan Spa is located in the town. Due to incredibly fresh and beautiful environment, it exists as another highly recommendable place to tourists.

Inspiring Mosques and Tombs

Erzincan houses many famous and historical buildings, mosques and churches. The most famous mosque is Gülabibey Mosque. Apparently, Hayrettin, a freedman of Seljuklu Sultan built Gülabibey Mosque . At the same time, a church known as Abrenk Church is one of most famous church reflecting ancient civilization. Moreover, the church is located in Tercan district of Erzincan.

Beside the beautiful mosques and churches, the city is also famous for magnificent tombs. The most famous tomb, Hıdır Abdal Sultan Tomb is named after the great saint and influence Hıdır Abdal Sultan. Furthermore, the tomb structures makes up the mystical atmosphere here. Other magnificent tombs include Mama Hatun Kervans Tomb Erzincan Melik Gazi Tomb.

Historical Buildings in Erzincan

Sultan melik is another ancient building of the city. It is famous for its historical significance. On the other hand, Erzincan Museum is also famous tourist spots. Similarly, Altıntepe Ruins, Beytahtı Recreation Area, Kadıgölü, Karanlık Canyon and Kemah Castle are must see sight of the town.