July 16, 2019

Ephesus Center of Commerce and Culture

The oldest city in Turkey is Ephesus. It is the place which is best restored and preserved. You can spend your whole day along the streets passing through statues, houses, libraries, theatres, and temples. It consists of the big buildings in the public like the sumptuous Temple of Artemis, the Temple of Hadrian, the theatre, and the Library of Celsus. The ruins also contain the public toilets and a brothel dating from the 4th century.

History of Ephesus

Some faith tourists consider Ephesus important as it consists if the House of the Virgin Mary.  It is said that St John took Virgin Marry to the stone where she lived till she died. She died at the age of 101 years. The church of the Virgin Mary near to the original location of Ephesus. This place involved the setting for the 3rd Ecumenical Council in 431. There were two other sites that are considered religious. They are best to visit, they are İsa Bey Mosque and Basilica of St John. İsa Bey Mosque is a sample of Seljuk architecture and Basilica of St John was built in the 6th century.

Period of Greek Migrations

Ephesus was initiated as an Attic-Ionian colony on the hill in the 10th century BC, 1.9 miles (3 km) from the middle of old Ephesus excavations at the castle of Seljuk. The founder of the city was Androklos, a price of Athens. He left the country after his father died, King Kodros. He explored Ephesus on the place where the Delphi oracle became a reality.

Ephesus is not only a place for tourists. Basically, it is the home to the festival of International İzmir. It includes using its House of the Virgin Mary, Celsus Library, and its big amphitheater.

Center of Commerce and Culture

In the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015, Ephesus is included. As it is among the most significant centers of the ancient era. Ephesus was occupied for almost 9000 years through the Ottoman Era, the Period of Principalities, Byzantine Era, and the Hellenistic Era.

Ephesus was the center of commerce and culture. It was an essential port city. The entire place constitutes of the ancient city of Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary, Ayasuluk Hill (Temple of Artemis, İsa Bey Mosque, İsa Bey Bath, the Basilica of St. John, Selçuk Fortress) and Çukuriçi Mound. For more updates, check out our website.