October 2, 2019

Eating Out in Bodrum – Best Restaurants For Food

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Bodrum is among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The finish occurred in fourth century B.C. The city is home to some shoreline resorts and close-by towns. The city features twin straights with viewpoints on Bodrum Castle. It was halfway worked with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. A city lying on the Bodrum Peninsula. It extends from the southwest bank of Turkey to the Aegean Sea.

The place gloats of first-class gourmet specialists and climatic eateries. Also, some delightful sustenance with thrilling tastes. Counting the little beachfront retreats cafés offer global and Turkish food. Menus overflowing with starters, principle courses and sweet puddings differ in cost. But we are going to list down our picks amongst the plenty of restaurants in Bodrum just to make sure that you have an amazing experience.

Here are a few favorite restaurants for you to choose from:

Avlu Bistro & Bar

As Bodrum, has turned out to be one of Turkey’s most significant travel spot since the second 50% of the 1990s. With the idea of serving, Avlu Bistro bar comes into existence in November 2013.

A 160-year-old stone house. Steadfast to the first, with little courses of action and contacts it has turned into the current. Now serving 40 individuals with two lobbies in the inside and tables on the street. And this is why it is on the top our list.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir. Also, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası in a wide part. With the will of tending to various palates with our kin who boost your happiness about wine.

Chinese Inn Restaurant

The Chinese Inn is prevalent with all occasion creators and local people of Bodrum. Situated at the Oasis Shopping Center, it opened in 2003. Along with a structure that is one of its kind. And scrumptious nourishment cooked by Chinese gourmet experts.

Guests get the opportunity of looking at eight interesting dishes from their table. It’s known as the d’hôte menu and it is a notable choice. The bistro is customer-focused. It gets a kick out of the chance to achieve reliability by serving a delightful menu.

On the menu is an enormous scope of incredible Chinese dishes. Like Peking duck, singed noodles, sweet and harsh dishes as spring rolls and prawn wafers.

Melengeç Balık

The ocean side setting is ideal for couples and gatherings of companions. Their administration is of high caliber. Menu costs are higher than other fish cafés. Yet we cherish the stylistic layout of blue and white, mirroring Bodrum’s casual vibe. We are sure you will fall in love with this place on your first visit.

It appreciates acclaim as a loved home base for the rich and renowned Istanbulites in the Bodrum. Our preferred dishes to enjoy are the ruler prawns, calamari. Also octopus salad and a basic ocean bream. They offer Seafood, Mediterranean, Turkish cuisine.

Marina Yacht Club

Marina Yacht Club is the most mainstream spot of Bodrum. With its novel view sitting above Bodrum Harbor and the verifiable Bodrum stronghold. It has turned into a Bodrum Classic with its eateries, bars, and inflexible music.

Located at the Bodrum Marina entrance in Bodrum downtown area. Built upon a territory of ​​1800 m2 and offers 3 cafés it offers various menus and 4 bars each with its own ambiance.

As a coastline eatery, fish dishes are ample. Yet their pasta manifestations win our appreciation. You can head on towards the restaurant you satisfy your craving and that too with the breathtaking view.

MYC always satisfied Bodrum sweethearts. Yacht proprietors and specialists from everywhere throughout the world for a long time.

Bitez Seaside Restaurant

It’s arranged on the seafront promenade of Bodrum’s wonderful Bitez shoreline. Bitez Seaside Restaurant is overseen by couple Nelly and Adem Aksu. Sightseers and local people alike can browse Bitez Seaside’s lavish menu. It offers a scope of specially chosen pieces from Turkish and global food.

The claim to fame flambés and liberal parts make this eatery particularly prevalent. It’s a declaration to the impact of Dutch culture. That is due to the time the Aksu’s spent in Holland throughout the winter months.


Limon Cafe is a superb bistro which disregards the old city of Myndos in the town of Gumusluk. A standout amongst the most delightful eateries in Bodrum. Limon stretches out over a garden. This beguiling spot is beautiful considering solace and unwinding.

Here vintage tables and seats disregard the dusk in the entirety of its brilliance. Sit down at the bar, under the trees with dangling lights. And have a pre-supper drink before making a beeline for your table.

Limon’s eatery menu includes a scrumptious scope of innovative dishes nearby. Also constructed syrups and alcohols, mixed drinks and unique teas.

Bring your swimming outfit and stroll over to the Myndos ruins. Look over the basic menu of new meze, with the Kabak çiçeği dolması as one of the top choices. It’s a stuffed squash bloom. A sentimental spot to eat.

What is Mado?

Mado is a Turkish brand of ice cream. It has more than 365 branches filling in as bistros and cafés everywhere throughout the world.

Established in 1850 by Yaşar Kanbur, the shop turned into a chain after 1991. It has more than 305 eateries and bistros in Turkey. Hence a great option for every Turkish food lover out there.

Other than this popular brand, there are other spots for ice cream freaks. The top-rated ones are Dondurmino Gelato and Bitez Ice Cream Shop. These places offer some authentic ice creams will a whole lot of flavors to opt from.

Milk Pudding Producer

As we all know, Turkish delights are famous around the world. The milk puddings they produce are actually a part of Ottoman heritage. Muhallebi is a famous type of milk pudding. Also, this country is to some extent among the greatest milk pudding producers.

Now, you have a whole bunch of restaurants to choose from. The article is quite enough to help you out. So why don’t you pack your bags and plan a trip to Bodrum?


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